Global Science & Business Leaders Converge For Panama’s First Medical Cannabis Conference February 12-13, 2019

ISRAEL: The world’s leading cannabis researchers and scientists, ag-tech, pharma experts, regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs will share their knowledge about the burgeoning medical cannabis industry at CannaTech Panama, Panama’s first ever international Summit for Accelerating Medical Cannabis Innovation.

The main event will take place February 12-13, 2019 at the Central Hotel in Casco Viejo.


According to Saul Kaye, CEO and Founder of CannaTech and iCAN:Israel-Cannabis, “Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina are all going to have some form of medical program coming online in 2020 – maybe even 2019.  The Latin American opportunity in cannabis is huge. Over 500 million Spanish-speakers are about to be turned on to some form of either medical or lifestyle cannabis. That market is bigger than the US and Canada combined.”

Explaining why the conference is taking place in Panama, Kaye said, “While the cannabis industry will generate big business throughout Latin America, Panama’s economy and geography have given it a unique opportunity to become a key player in the nascent industry.  Panama is a tax-free zone known for logistics and production. I think those will be the drivers for Panama: both low-cost, export-grade cannabis for the rest of the world and a big local market as well.”