Canada Will Tax Marijuana Just Like Tylenol

CANADA:  Tax Court Justice Campbell Miller just ruled that marijuana will be subject to federal Goods & Services Tax (GST) like Tylenol, cough drops and other over-the-counter drugs. The ruling confirms the government’s intent to legalise, regulate and tax medical marijuana in Canada. This is an important ruling, given that recent legislative changes have created a nascent medical marijuana industry in Canada that could be valued at over $1 Billion dollars in just a few years.

The creation of this newly commercialized industry creates a great opportunity for savvy investors to be early entrants and gain substantial returns. However, there are currently dozens of publically traded companies applying for permits to grow marijuana. The challenge is to pick the winning horse. With a space this cluttered it is instructive to see where the experts are placing their bets.

Supreme Pharmaceuticals (SL.V) (SPRWF) has just landed one of those experts, Mr. Brayden R. Sutton, President and CEO of Mr. Sutton joins Supreme as one of the most prominent cannabis investment experts in Canada, with nearly a decade spent covering the field from operational and public markets perspectives. As Executive Vice President of Supreme, Mr. Sutton will oversee facility design, operations, marketing, financing and business development.