Jesse Ventura To Keynote At CWCBExpo In New York

Former Governor and Author Of “Marijuana Manifesto” to Share Insight on this Natural Resource and its Legalization

NEW YORK:  For the first time, Jesse Ventura will deliver a keynote address at a cannabis trade show and conference.  Speaking on June 15th at the 4th Annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo) at the Javits Center in New York, Ventura will share his candid philosophy on cannabis, why he’s always been in favor of legalization, and what the United States will gain if cannabis were completely legalized.

The 4th Annual CWCBExpo New York, taking place June 14-16, is the leading business event for medical and recreational marijuana, CBD, and industrial hemp.   Attendees are cannabis business owners, entrepreneurs looking to enter the market, medical professionals, dispensary owners, retailers, investors, media, and providers of professional services.

“I am looking forward to speaking at CWCBExpo NY. I want to see cannabis legalized in all 50 states within my lifetime, and I will do all I can to help destigmatize it,” said Ventura. “Aside from being an invaluable medical resource for many Americans, cannabis is about job creation. Never before has marijuana had the potential to become a legitimate, multibillion-dollar industry in the U.S.—one that can rejuvenate our economy and make us healthier simultaneously.”

Ventura was the 38th Governor of Minnesota and a former US Navy frogman. After being honorably discharged from the navy, he became a professional wrestler and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004.  He is a movie actor and visiting fellow at Harvard.  In addition to being the author of Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto, Ventura is the New York Times bestselling author of seven other books, including American Conspiracies, 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read, and Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me.  He was the host and executive producer of truTV’s Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and the host of the political talk show Off The Grid, which aired on RT America and online at He is currently the host of the political talk show The World According To Jesse, airing on RT America this summer.

“We are honored to have Jesse Ventura be one of our star Keynotes.  As a strong advocate of the benefits of the cannabis plant and its safe and legal access nationwide, his message will be inspiring and thought-provoking,” said Scott Giannotti, Managing Director, CWCBExpo events.  “Ventura’s Keynote at CWCBExpo NY should not be missed!”

After his Keynote Address, the former Governor will be signing autographs of his book Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto along with co-author Jen Hobbs in their exhibit booth, hosted by independent bookstore retailers Bookends of Ridgewood, NJ.

The CWCBExpo NY, taking place under one roof at the Javits Center June 14-16 in the financial and media capital of the world, will also host an expanded exhibit floor (June 15-16) with suppliers in the industry showcasing cutting-edge products and services.  The educational programming includes Add-on Workshops (June 14 and June 17) presenting information on becoming medical marijuana provider, opening a business, investing in cannabis, making hemp great again, and the art of the cannabis sommelier.  The CWCBExpo conference program will include more than 70 sessions and over 100 expert speakers covering everything from seed to sale including cultivation, processing/extraction, sales, ancillary business, advocacy legislation and more. To register for CWCBExpo NY at advance rates, go to

The 2015 Cannabis World Congress Was So Square It Was Accidentally An Anti-Drug PSA

by Jeff Weiss

CALIFORNIA: Nothing is more suspect than a man in a suit talking about drugs. Unless he’s your attorney, he’s inevitably police. And even if he’s not literal law enforcement, he’d flip in an instant if you got caught with a brick of cocaine, weed, or insider information about Sour Diesel futures.

Enter the 2015 Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition, which turned out to be the trade show equivalent of watching hedge fund managers cover Sublime songs for hours on end. If you’re old enough to drink, you probably remember public perception of “chronic” before it became possible to purchase organic green juice infused with psychotropic greens. You can still find the High Times wookie stoner at HempCon or a String Cheese Incident concert, but we’re living in a future where imminent legalization has incubated a gold rush mentality among the nascent marijuana industry, and the suits have inevitably followed the money.

It’s been nearly 20 years since California passed its landmark Proposition 215, allowing people to grow and obtain marijuana for medical purposes—a law easily manipulated by fly-by-night Dr. Nick Riviera types so eager that they’d dole out a prescription to grapple with the agony of a ruptured carburetor.

I’ve had a cannabis “recommendation” for years, but whenever it’s time to get renewed, I forget what I told the doctor in the first place. Excuses have included: anxiety, insomnia, back problems, arthritis, and the neuroses incurred from being Jewish. On the morning of the Cannabis Congress, my excuse for smoking was that I needed to cope with men in suits talking about drugs. So in the interest of pain relief and professionalism, I incinerated a roach while walking up to the venue.

How New York’s Marijuana Dosing Requirements Could Create A Valuable Big Data Industry

NEW YORK:  When the state of New York hands out five licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana sometime next month, one of the requirements for those dispensing the drug will be metered dosing similar to how other pharmaceutical industries operate.

An executive of at one of 43 companies to apply for the license says that dosage requirement could lead to a new era of marijuana big data that will change the way we think about cannabis.

“We’ve had legal cannabis for over 17 years in California and we have zero usable clinical data, because it’s got to be pegged to a dose,” said Andrei Bogulubov, executive vice president of Long Island-based PalliaTech, during a conversation yesterday at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition at the Javits Center.