OMC: Less Than 200 Patients Have Access To Medical Marijuana

MINNESOTA:  The state’s Office of Medical Cannabis released the latest registration numbers Friday for patients and doctors that have signed up for the state’s medical marijuana program.

Since June 1, 318 health care practitioners have registered for the program, and 298 have been authorized to certify patients.

But there is more of a disparity between the number of patients that have registered — 340 — and those that have been approved to pick up prescriptions — 183.

The OMC says 81 people have registered to become patient caregivers in the program, but only 15 have been approved.

Medical Marijuana Road Map Due From Washington Regulators

WASHINGTON: Now that Washington state’s regulations for recreational marijuana have been finalized, policymakers are turning their attention to medical marijuana. The current system for patients to obtain marijuana with medical authorizations is largely unregulated. Federal authorities say that needs to change. Monday three state agencies plan to issue a roadmap. [Read more…]

How Many Medical Marijuana Patients Are There In The United States?

A question that I get quite often in my e-mail inbox is ‘how many medical marijuana patients are there in the United States?’ It’s a good question with an answer that is hard to pin down.

The main reason that it is hard to pin down is due to the State of California. I posed this question to the head of California NORML once upon a time, and I was told that there is no 100% accurate number due to the fact that California allows doctor’s approvals to designate someone as a medical marijuana patient – they don’t have a card system. So at best they could give me a range that they felt the answer could be found. [Read more…]