Harris Poll: Majority Of Americans Want Marijuana Legalized

NEW YORK: Eighty-five percent of Americans believe that marijuana “should be legalized for medical use,” and 57 percent of respondents endorse regulating it for anyone over the age of 21, according to national survey data compiled by Harris Insight & Analytics.

Among younger respondents (those ages 18 to 44), 68 percent agree that cannabis should be legal. Most respondents (57 percent) say that legalizing the plant would “help alleviate the opioid crisis.”

Data evaluating prescription drug use trends among individual patients enrolled in state-licensed medical marijuana programs reports that chronic pain subjects frequently reduce or eliminate their use of opioids following enrollment.

Reasons provided by those who opposed legalization included fear of diversion and concerns that legalization could negatively impact traffic safety.

The Harris polling data is largely consistent with those of prior surveys finding that a majority of Americans back adult use legalization and that a super-majority of voters support medicinal cannabis access.

“Voters believe that ending America’s failed marijuana prohibition laws is a common-sense issue, not a partisan one,” NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano told HealthDay, which commissioned the poll. “It’s time for their elected officials to take a similar posture, and to move expeditiously to amend federal law in a manner that comports with public and scientific consensus, as well as with marijuana’s rapidly changing cultural and legal status.”

For more information, contact Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director, at (202) 483-5500.

New Luxury Cannabis Brand Brings Haute High To Cannabis Consumers

NEW YORK: As the Cannabis legalization movement continues to gain momentum across the U.S., a new market has emerged of high-end consumers.  Toast, a luxury, lifestyle Cannabis brand that provides a sophisticated consumer experience, is redefining how consumers enjoy Cannabis. Born in Aspen, Colorado, and bred on the pillars of purity, style, and luxury, Toast a new world order for the etiquette of recreational Cannabis use.

Toast provides a trusted quality and refined experience in which each puff is like having a sip of champagne and each full Slice™ is like having a generous glass. Each Slice™ is developed using a proprietary manufacturing process and 100% Cannabis blend, which result in a consistent and ideal experience for the Toast™ consumer.

The Toast experience will activate the mind and relax the body while keeping the consumer in control – the ideal state of mind for making social connections. Toast presents consumers with an instinctive experience that allows them complete control over their level of indulgence. As a responsible leader in the Cannabis industry, Toast is committed to safe consumption practices providing a uniform and predictable experience, allowing users to more carefully monitor and regulate their intake.

Toast establishes a new etiquette for the Cannabis industry embracing how smoking Cannabis in controlled and mild doses can enhance a social experience. A recent study from Miner & Co. Studio stated that an “…overwhelming majority of Cannabis Consumers [polled] are consuming Cannabis and Cannabis products to enhance their daily and social experiences.  95% prefer a high that allows them to be ‘present’, ‘mindful’ and/or ‘focused’…”

Punit Seth, Co-Founder and CEO states, “Toast has the hypothesis that our consumers want to enjoy Cannabis with the reliability, ease and potency of a fine cocktail or wine – that is, not like a drug but a lifestyle enhancement through social and responsible consumption.  Market tests overwhelmingly supported that claim and that Toast™ is the only brand for the people who seek to share an elegant, fun, and controlled Cannabis experience with friends.”

Toast is co-founded by a set of successful former executives including CEO Punit Seth (previously at Bridgewater Associates and Accenture) and Senior Advisor Chris Burggraeve (former Global CMO of Anheuser-Busch InBev). Together, the founders have harnessed their individual expertise in finance and operations, digital, entrepreneurship, and consumer brand building to elevate Toast to the forefront of the Cannabis marketplace.  The founders have a shared mission to help shape the burgeoning Cannabis market (estimated to grow to $50B) into one that encourages social and responsible consumption.

“Cannabis is starting to lose its taboo and slowly but surely becoming societally acceptable. As a direct result of the mainstreaming of Cannabis, brands like Toast will be the standard bearers for responsible, beautiful, and consistent usage.”  Eddie Miller, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer stated.

Toast  will be available at The Original Leaf in Aspen, CO. starting on February 10th, 2017 and be available in other select dispensaries across the state.

The Fresh Toast Launches In NYC

NEW YORK: The Fresh Toast, a new lifestyle/entertainment platform offering a destination for delight, discovery and sides of cannabis and soon to be music & comedy, launched last week in NYC.   The Fresh Toast is redefining the perception of cannabis globally by becoming a daily destination for readers looking for some morning delight……but will also redefine the perception of cannabis globally.

Guests gathered  for the NYC launch including journalists, editors and publishers from “The New Yorker,” “The Today Show,” Huffington Post, CNN, Yahoo, Amazon TV, “US Weekly,” “The Daily News,” executives from HEED, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Atlantic Records and MWW. During the evening, Keith Shocklee from Public Enemy mingled with Wall Street, socialites, business leaders and models.

The Fresh Toast has a variety of content each day…from food, drink, celebrity and pop culture…to cannabis: the much maligned, but quickly-becoming-legal-plant that over 45 million people in North America use every year.


A Rap About Putting Pot In Your Latkes Will Get You In The Hanukkah Spirit

Everyone knows that latkes are the single greatest savory holiday food. It’s an undisputed fact. The oily, fried, delicious potato pancakes are traditionally served during Hanukkah, and everyone looks forward to them.

Since the ingredient list to make latkes is fairly short, it’s easy to spice them up with a little something extra. You might make your latkes with cheese, onions, or sweet potatoes — but musician Abby Dorsey would encourage you to add some weed.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2GOrdxCm6Q&w=560&h=315]

‘Wanna Grab a Marijuana Tea After Work?’

Jill Amen always wanted to be a barista. She has also always loved cannabis, growing little saplings at home ever since she was a teen. On a visit to Amsterdam a few years ago, she noticed that the “coffeeshops” there are really just pubs for pot smoking.

“And I thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a coffee shop for coffee?!”

She means marijuana-infused coffee, natch.

Her product, Jane’s Brew, officially launched in January at Hempcon, a cannabis showcase, where it won two first-place awards. It’s now in 100 dispensaries in California, and it moved into Nevada last month.

Are Baby Boomers Ready To Give Marijuana A Second Chance?

Are aging baby boomers ready to rekindle a long-ago love affair with marijuana?

That is a weighty question for cultural anthropologists and cool-eyed business analysts alike as the once celebrated, later maligned, but explicitly contraband cannabis plant goes legit — for the first time in nearly 80 years — in a new era of medical and recreational use.

For many who smoked marijuana in their dorms in the ’60s and ’70s, it was an act of rebellion, a communal experience, and maybe a political statement. Today’s product is more likely to be marketed as anti-inflammatory than anti-establishment. And, to the distinct discomfort of some, it may come in a neat corporate package rather than an illicit nickel bag.leg

High Class Dining: Colorado Restaurant Introduces Weed-And-Food Pairing Menu

COLORADO:  When you go to a gourmet restaurant, you might find yourself asking the sommelier to recommend a fine wine to complement your meal.

But now, as more states begin to legalize recreational marijuana use, diners will soon be asking another question: What fine weed will enhance my dining experience? [Read more…]