Is this Cannabis’ “Diet Coke Moment”?

 KushyPunch releases the first cannabis infused sugar-free gummy

CALIFORNIA: Award-winning SoCal cannabis brand KushyPunch releases the very first sugar-free cannabis gummy on the market, delivering a game-changing new edible option for consumers with strict dietary requirements.

This new lychee sugar free THC gummy is a healthier take on their iconic and top-selling 100mg strawberry sativa gummy, which was recently featured at the top of a Los Angeles Times round-up on edibles.

Containing just 2.5 calories per dose, and with a low glycemic index and insulin response, this gummy is geared towards those looking to minimize sugar intake without compromising on taste or quality.

“Coca-Cola spent more than 20 years working on Diet Coke. They wouldn’t release anything under their brand name that was less than perfect,” starts Ruben Cross, founder and CEO of KushyPunch.

“We applied that same mentality to our new sugar-free gummy. We wanted to get this exactly right before it became part of the Kushy brand.”

KushyPunch’s sugar-free gummy has been a long time in the making forCross, who was recently named one of High Times’ top 100 cannabis industry professionals. His initial foray into cannabis in 2014 was spurred by a desire to create a consistent, healthy product for patients with specific dietary needs and limited consumption options.

“When I looked at the edible market back in 2014, I saw a lot of high calorie, high carbohydrate, high sugar products that were really inconsistent in their THC levels and very vague when it came to dosing,” Cross told leading cannabis publication Leafly in 2018.

“Personally, I’m a health nut but I also have asthma, so my cannabis needs were pretty specific. I set about trying to create a product that worked for me: potent, consistent, easy to consume, and – crucially, healthy.”

But until now, a sugar-free version of their award-winning and iconic sativa gummy that is up to the brand’s high standards proved elusive.

“We didn’t want to compromise on anything, which is why it took us so long to release this product,” he states.

“Over the years, we created and tested many iterations of the sugar-free gummy using a variety of ingredients, flavors and sweeteners. It wasn’t until we landed on this recipe that we felt it was ready to be released.”

“In terms of taste alone, this is my favorite KushyPunch product, hands down,” adds Cross.

“Finding the right consistency is the hardest part,” adds KushyPunch’s chief scientist Carolina Vasquez Mitchell, a notable honoree of Dope Magazine’s Outstanding Women in Cannabis. “It’s not as simple as swapping out our regular syrup for a substitute like stevia. We tried about 20 different recipes and many different ingredients, and we all felt like this was really it.”

“With so many people turning to cannabis for relief and wellness, our new sugar-free gummy allows patients to ingest only the healthiest, natural ingredients and to dose with absolute confidence,” said Ruben.

KushyPunch’s sugar-free lychee gummy is available in dispensaries across California from April 2019.

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Key Facts About KushyPunch’s Sugar-Free Gummy

–       The first cannabis infused sugar-free gummy on the market

–       100% natural lychee flavor

–       100mg of THC from full-spectrum cannabis oil

–       No artificial colors or sweeteners

–       2.5 kcal per serving

–       Low glycemic index and low insulin response

–       Non-cariogenic, making it healthier for your teeth

–       Tested by an ISO certified laboratory



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