The Higher Ground Legal Stash Box, Valentine’s Day Edition!


A Highly Curated Cannabis Collection By Michael A. Stusser While we have yet to discover cannabis-infused edible underwear (ewww!), pretty much every other item you might purchase for your puffing-paramour this Valentine’s Day is available in a canna-friendly version! Chocolates? You bet! Candles! Sure thing! And flowers…? Well – obviously! Curated from legal markets across Read the full article…

For The Cool Dudes: 5 Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Ditch the traditional tie and get him some marijuana-themed apparel.
A tie is a long, thin piece of material, wrapped around the neck and tightened so that it is snug around the wearer’s neck. That, my friends, sounds like a noose.

COLORADO: Father’s Day is a chance to celebrate Dad in all his glory. Pop wakes up with expectations of leisure, recreation and presents. And while the #1 Dad will love whatever gift he receives from his mini-me, a gift from his spouse is a welcomed signal of appreciation. This year I’m considering something a little different Read the full article…