Colorado Looks To Crack Down On In-Home Hash Oil Production

COLORADO:  Colorado is learning a new lesson about the risks of legalized marijuana. Some people have blown up their homes, trying to make a form of highly concentrated pot. Now regulators are searching for ways to fight this potentially deadly threat, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

It’s the kind of explosion meth labs are notorious for, but investigators said one fire in Washington state and another in California was the result of a homemade hash oil lab, a potent form of marijuana. Officials said such explosions have nearly tripled in Colorado in the two years since voters legalized recreational marijuana.

Paul Mannaioni was charged with illegally processing the substance after an explosion last year in Denver.

“Accidents don’t mean that a crime has occurred,” his attorney Robert Corry said

The Debate Over Marijuana Concentrate

COLORADO:  People across Colorado are facing felony charges for something that the state’s best-known marijuana attorney says is perfectly legal.

Attorney Robert J. Corry Jr. says manufacturing marijuana concentrate is a constitutionally protected righter under Amendment 64.

“There aren’t that many fundamental rights out there and this is one of them,” Corry said.

Yet, court records show that from Jan. 1 through Oct. 6, prosecutors in at least 10 different counties have charged at least 26 people with a felony under a state statute that says it is illegal “to process of manufacture any marijuana or marijuana concentrate” without authorization.