Why The NFL Should Embrace Medical Marijuana

The NFL is in the process of updating its 2010 Policy and Program for Substance Abuse, which currently says any player who tests positive for medical marijuana shall forfeit pay during their suspension.  In the December 23rd issue of ESPN The Magazine an article by Howard Bryant suggests that the NFL embrace medical marijuana. At Americans for Safe Access, we could not agree more. The  following is an open letter to the two most powerful people in football to explain why and to provide policy suggestions they should consider when drafting the new NFL Policy and Program for Substance Abuse.

Dear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and NFL Players’ Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith,

No one needs to tell you that players in the National Football League get hurt, or that managing pain is a part of the game. Or that long after they’ve left the field, 9 out of 10 players continue to suffer. You’ve seen the studies that track injuries and the abuse of painkillers, not to mention the devastating effects of concussions. You’ve funded care and reached financial settlements. [Read more…]