The Medical Marijuana Fight Hits Virginia

VIRGINIA: The debate continues about whether or not to legalize medical marijuana. Not just across the country, but in Virginia as well.

It’s an issue impacting many families, including one here in the Valley.

Two families, both with roots in Virginia, find themselves at the center of the debate. Fighting against lawmakers and government agencies to change the medicine their children receive in order to save their lives, each using a form of medical marijuana.

Florida Senate Advances Bill To Provide For Dispensaries For Limited Strains Of Marijuana

FLORIDA:While the Florida House of Representatives moves to decriminalize a non-euphoric strain of marijuana, the Senate advanced an alternative approach on Monday — create up to four highly regulated dispensaries to distribute the strain for medical purposes.

It is an approach that states that have legalized medical marijuana are increasingly turning to, after gaps in those laws led to legal confusion and needless prosecution.

Florida legislative leaders say they are not prepared to legalize marijuana for a broader range of maladies than the non-euphoric strain intended to benefit children with intractable epilepsy.