Cannabis Is Medicine For Crohn’s Patient Teenager Coltyn Turner

Coltyn Turner uses cannabis for his medicine to treat Crohn's Disease, with great success.
Photo: Wendy Turner

COLORADO: A young man named Coltyn Turner may turn out to be an integral cog in the wheel that gets the Federal government to pay attention to patients benefiting from cannabis as medicine. In fact, Coltyn would greatly appreciate some time with the President of the United States. He would tell President Obama that cannabis saved Read the full article…

Cannabis Proves Effective In Treating Crohn’s Disease According To New Study

An on-demand technology service unveils a campaign to deliver free medical marijuana to San Francisco Bay Area patients in about 15 minutes, no purchase is necessary.

TEXAS:  A new clinical study published in the journal Pharmacology and by the National Institute of Health has found that cannabis is effective in treating Crohn’s disease, which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBDs such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s affect over a million people in the United States. Many IBD victims suffer from pain, Read the full article…