Legal Medical Marijuana Delivery Arrives In San Jose

CALIFORNIA: Eaze, the leading marijuana technology company, announced its official launch in San Jose today. Residents with a valid medical marijuana recommendation can now use Eaze to place orders for marijuana delivered on demand by a licensed dispensary. Residents in need of a recommendation can connect to a doctor on demand from their phone using the EazeMD app. Deliveries will be fulfilled by The Guild, a San Jose licensed dispensary.

In October 2016, San Jose reversed its ban on medical marijuana delivery. Under the city’s previous delivery ban, San Jose struggled with over 30 prominently advertised unlicensed delivery services. The new ordinance permits delivery by licensed dispensaries, and received widespread support from patients, collectives, law enforcement, and community members.

“There was a strong desire for patients to have safer access to the medicine recommended to them by their doctors. It’s great to see the San Jose City Council be responsive to the needs of its constituents, and we hope other California communities will follow suit,” said Jim Patterson, CEO of Eaze. “Eaze’s mission has always been to help dispensaries provide a safe and professional cannabis experience, and we are proud to now be servicing San Jose patients.”

As cannabis regulations continue to evolve across California, data is playing a key role in their development. As the largest marijuana technology platform, Eaze is proud to work with local regulators across the state, including the San Jose City Council and law enforcement agencies, to help them better understand how technology can help provide safe access to cannabis and insight into consumer preferences.

“Legalizing deliveries is simply smart public policy,” said Reverend Jethro Moore of San Jose. “It impacts neighborhoods disproportionately affected by a failed prohibition policy in that legal delivery provides a path to legitimate employment for people traditionally over-prosecuted and replaces illegal street dealing. Our neighborhoods will be safer and the way San Jose is regulating deliveries means youth will not have easy access to cannabis.”

Available in nearly 100 cities throughout California, Eaze helps patients receive safe, regulated deliveries from compliant dispensaries in less than 20 minutes.

Snoop Dogg Rocks The Baltic Room Old School For GrassHopperHub Launch

WASHINGTON: Rapper, TV Star and cannaprenuer Snoop Dogg, aka DJ Snoopadelic,  took over the Baltic Room on a rare snowy evening in Seattle and rocked the house old school for the launch of

Marijuana Channel One had a bird’s eye view of the fun. Enjoy!


CannaScore Wins Banking Appeal – Has Account Fully Restored

COLORADO: CannaScore announced it is has been successful in its appeal, and its banking privileges have been restored. As reported here on MJ News Network last month, the company had certain banking privileges revoked when its financial services provider discovered the company was providing services to the marijuana industry. During the appeal, the company offered its products free of charge.

“Although we have full banking access again, we are still giving all customers a free trial of our award-winning cloud-based software,” said Thomas Smith, Managing Partner.

The CannaScore system audits compliance with a wide range of regulations governing the cannabis industry, including licensing, security, personnel safety, food handling, pesticides, and chemical exposure.

Legal cannabis growers, producer/processors, and retailers can use the system to identify areas of non-compliance before problems occur, and provide assurance that they are adhering to the myriad of state and local regulations. Failure to comply with regulations can often result in fines, shutdowns, license revocation and even prison.

Additionally, banks, insurance firms, accountants and real estate developers can use CannaScore as a tool to ensure that their clients operating in the cannabis sector are in compliance as mandated in the Cole Memo and finCEN Guidance.

CannaScore is easy to use, and quickly analyzes compliance that exceeds state parameters. The system also produces a score, which is useful for anyone in the cannabis industry, including consumers, to quickly evaluate the quality of an organization.

“Companies that score high may be more likely to attract funding, obtain favorable rates, demonstrate reliability to landlords, and even attract new customers,” Smith said.

Four Tips When Handling Your Marijuana Business’ Money

By Doug Cunningham

Despite the widespread use of PayPal, Internet banking and credit cards, the use of cash is as widely used as ever. It is passed around the United States from hand-to-hand every day, leaving many businesses vulnerable to exploitation at the hands of counterfeit bills. But there are a number of ways of protecting your business from suffering the effects of counterfeit money, so read through these useful tips and apply them to your business to prevent the damages of fake money.

The marijuana industry generates a lot of cash that banks are often afraid to accept. This is because Federal agencies might charge them with money laundering, and so the marijuana industry has largely been forced to deal in a cash only basis. This poses a legitimate danger, as many marijuana businesses are subject to violent crimes. This makes it necessary for marijuana businesses to take extra care of their money.

Empower your employees

You should take an active role in training your employees to recognize counterfeit money. If you can show your employees the differences between real and fake money, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding the pitfalls of counterfeit money. The easiest way is by comparing a fake with another bill.

Portraits on a real bill will be very defined and stand out from the background. The portraits of a fake will be low quality, they won’t stand out as much as on a real bill, and the background tends to be too dark.

Explain to your employees that they should not make assumptions about customers. Anyone could be handing over a fake bill, consciously or unconsciously. It would be disrespectful to analyze the money given by one person and not the other, so employees should focus on the money, rather than the customer.

Counterfeit Detector PenUsing technology

Investing in CCTV is a first step that any marijuana business should consider. This will allow the business to track anyone who enters, as well as track any suspicious activity that may have gone unnoticed during the day. Cameras should appear at the entrance, as well as have a clear view of the point of sales counter.

You should also purchase a counterfeit detector. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit extra to get the most up to date detector, as counterfeit money is a business itself and is continually changing in order to beat such technologies.

Money Movement

As already noted, marijuana businesses are being targeted by criminals because it is now common knowledge that most use a cash only system. This means that large quantities of cash are often stored in the business’ premises. You should consider a way of moving the money to a safer location to store it. Wherever that location is should be a secret and the money should be stored in a reliable safe. The business owner and trusted employees, such as managers, should be the only ones who know about this, as inside job attacks on the marijuana industry are common.


You should inform your employees of the correct protocol to follow if they have been given counterfeit money. They should not confront the individual. Delay them and try to take as much information as possible, such as car registration plates and a general description. If you have installed CCTV, this will be much easier. Again, the location of your cameras is really important to get the most effective use out of them. Confronting the individual could be potentially dangerous to the member of staff and other customers.

Installing an emergency button beneath the counter would be a good idea in order to protect your business and its staff. This would also warn off potential attacks on the business if it becomes known that there is an emergency button present on location.

In conclusion, as a marijuana business owner, it is extremely important to take the necessary steps to protect both your own business and your employees. Technologies will help the prevention of counterfeit money being used in the store, as well as warn off potential attacks. Explaining to your employees these simple steps will help them to protect themselves and the store as well.

EcoAg: Open-Source Marijuana

By Dr. Rick Freeman

COLORADO: Back in May an automated Tesla car failed, resulting in a collision that killed the driver.  Bad news for Tesla.  But Tesla creator Elon Musk kept moving forward, and just last week he was raising money to expand into electric cars and buses.   At first glance, his business policy might seem heady, but a closer look reveals that, in addition to an insatiable desire to move forward, the man has an ingenious business model – a model relevant to the marijuana industry.

Key to Musk’s model is his dedication to reliable open-source systems to meet the human need for transportation with sustainable technology.  The insight behind open-source is that more people creating products and services based on an open source framework means more options, more customers, and more satisfaction.   The insight behind sustainable transportation is obvious:  the market can only get bigger as the population increases and resources dwindle.

Now, that’s a logic we can apply to marijuana production, and EcoAg (ē’-cō -ag) provides the perfect context.  For  proactive farmers and investors, ecological strategies can bring clean, high-quality herb to a growing market using sustainable production techniques and accouterments.

Just like Tesla’s systems, ecology is a logic that anyone can adopt and implement anywhere at any time.  It works the same way wherever you go, with regional variations to which a savvy practitioner can readily adapt.  What’s more, because EcoAg patterns follow from the larger ecological template, ecosystems dovetail with each other.  So one innovation builds upon another.  Because agricultural ecologies are so complex, countless opportunities exist for creating goods and services that will benefit the marijuana industry.  Innovation and imagination have a wide range for exploration – at all physical scales.  (For example, imagine the possibilities for creating commercial-scale, optimized gravity flow fertigation systems.)

As with Tesla-inspired, independently-owned energy stations, when more farmers adopt EcoAg in an area, benefits increase for each farmer.  More EcoAg farms means more acreage under eco management, which in turn means robust ecosystem services overall.  Bigger areas under EcoAg enjoy a larger “core” area in proportion to the thin strip of land along the border of every farm that buffers the core from adjacent lands.  Further, a bigger area means more ecological variation and more biodiversity, and more biodiversity means fewer pest problems.

Because these systems rely on ongoing ecological processes, they are much more resilient to stress than conventional systems and thus more reliable in general – another parallel to the Tesla energy-station network.  Maximizing soil organic matter, for example, prolongs available water storage capacity, making the field more drought-resistant than a conventional farm soil.   Likewise, increasing plant diversity encourages robust diversity in soil organisms and attracts a diverse population of arthropods for an effective damper on pest populations.  Further, the organisms in an ecosystem form resource exchange relationships and networks, which continue to increase in abundance and complexity, boosting resilience against drought and pestilence.

In line with Tesla’s focus on sustainability, EcoAg is sustainable because it directly closes resource loops.  It is all about replacing industrial products, which require expensive labor input, with natural systems that rely upon site resources.  In a time of dwindling natural resources (and rising input costs), closing loops means boosting sustainability.

Building on this ecological abundance, complexity, and sustainability, a community of EcoAg marijuana producers can create resource exchange relationships and networks and nurture a resilient, sustainable and reliable industry built on a common ecological template.  In turn, industry reliability can help build trust with consumers, laying the groundwork for durable brands.  A robust and diverse community of producers based on the open-source eco-template can offer a rich basket of high-quality goods and services that will appeal to a wide range of consumers and expand the growing market.  That’s open source marijuana.

MJ Headline News Debuts Mobile News App For Cannabis Professionals

WASHINGTON: The legal cannabis industry is dynamic and complex like none other. For the overworked, resource-tight cannabis professional, staying apprised of the latest news, events and innovations in the fastest growing industry in the country is daunting. But, we have it covered!

The Marijuana Business Association has now released The MJHeadlineNews App – the ultimate mobile app for the cannabis professional. The MJHeadlineNews App is the #1 mobile app for cannabis industry news, market data, videos, events and social media. Released by MJBA, the leading trade organization for professionals in legal cannabis and publishers of, Marijuana Green Pages and Marijuana Channel One, this app delivers the latest business intelligence at your fingertips.

MJHeadlineNews  features original reporting and content from the industry’s top sources:

MJNewsNetwork: Original reporting from the web’s #1 source of cannabis news

MJTicker: Wholesale and Retail market data and Top Ten Charts from Front Runner Data

Marijuana Channel One: MJ Videos and Live Events

Marijuana Green Pages: Comprehensive B2B directory listings put “Everyone you need to know to start or grow your business” at your fingertips

 The MJHeadlineNews App is FREE, and available now at the iTunes App Store and Google Play: