Alaska Pot Petition Soars Past Signature Goal

ALASKA:  Petitioners looking to let voters decide if pot should be legal in Alaska now have more than 44,000 signatures—about 15,000 more than necessary—nearly a month before the their Jan. 21 deadline.

A representative with the “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana” (CRM) said Wednesday petitioners have collected 44,845 signatures. State law requires 31,169 names for a petition to go before voters. Those working with the campaign say they’re working toward an internal goal of more than 45,000 signatures before they formally submit the petition.

The legalization effort proposes far more than simply flipping the switch on marijuana from illegal to legal: the petition includes a seven-page, near-complete package of legislation that lays out a suite of comprehensive new laws that would regulate the growing, processing, selling, and use of the drug in Alaska.

In addition to creating licensing and oversight for the cultivation and sale of the drug, the petition also suggests a tax of $50 per ounce at the retail level.