Seamless For Marijuana Isn’t Just A Stoner’s Dream Come True

CALIFORNIA:  Paul Warshaw hopes that, in the near future, consumers of marijuana can turn to similar services both for their drug of choice and for the delivery food that the plant infamously causes lust for. Warshaw’s start-up, GreenRush, is attempting to become the Seamless of marijuana. Just browse the dispensaries on the website, select the appropriate strain, and set a delivery time. An iOS app is, of course, in development, so you can buy straight from your couch without even having to touch a keyboard.

Officially launched last week, the San Mateo-based GreenRush is already working with several dispensaries in the San Francisco area to deliver marijuana, and the experience is eerily similar to its restaurant counterpart, down to listed delivery times (most are estimated between 45 and 60 minutes). California Wellness, for example, will get you at least $50 worth of weed flowers, pre-rolled joints, or edibles in under an hour. For a drug that remains federally illegal, the experience feels far more normal than any that have preceded it.

“The overall process of getting cannabis was very onerous, with everything from finding a dispensary to getting in the car and driving there to waiting in line and filling out paperwork,” Warshaw says. “We’re providing patients with as many options as we can.” GreenRush takes the weed-buying process and makes it frictionless—that tech industry term of choice suggesting a breaking down of harmful barriers—in a way not unlike how Uber has changed ordering a taxi. Except in this market, it’s drug dealers who are getting disrupted.