CalNORML to Challenge Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ruling

“If you ban dispensaries and you ban cultivation, you’re ripping the heart out of California's medical marijuana laws,” said Elford. "This decision conflicts with the intent of the electorate and Legislature and should not be allowed to stand."

CALIFORNIA: In an action supported by California NORML, medical marijuana patient James Maral will file a petition with the California Supreme Court to review the recent Third District Appellate Court decision upholding the city of Live Oak’s ban on medical marijuana cultivation. San Francisco Attorney Joe Elford will draft and file the petition. “If you ban dispensaries and Read the full article…

Murrieta, CA Lawsuit Seeks To Overturn Medical Pot Ban

Environmental lawyer Ray Johnson has sued Murrieta over its marijuana dispensary ban, saying the city failed to take the California Environmental Quality Act into consideration when passing the ban.

CALIFORNIA: A prominent attorney is suing to overturn Murrieta’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in all zones, as well as mobile operators who make deliveries.