California’s Medical Marijuana Industry Will Be Able To Make A Legal Profit — For The First Time

CALIFORNIA:  A landmark medical marijuana bill altering the rules for growing and selling the botanical now has a pivotal date in the California Assembly coming up.

Senate Bill 1262 is scheduled to be heard in Assembly Appropriations on Aug. 13, according to a new update on the Assembly’s website.

That’s the last day Appropriations meets for the year, and SB 1262 — which has passed the Senate — has until the end of August to clear the full Assembly. The bill would clarify the industry as it stands, with personal and caregiver cultivation left alone. Commercial medical cannabis growers, drivers, stores and staff would be licensed by a new bureau. Cities with dispensary bans could keep them. Cities with dispensaries could keep those, too.

The latest version of SB 1262 online is old, insiders say, and new updates are expected to be submitted today.