What’s The Status Of Alaska’s Rules On Cannabis Concentrates?

ALASKA:  Well, Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board has released the third package of proposed regulations and held meetings in Anchorage on Monday and Tuesday. Regulators heard feedback and discussed the rules taking shape for Alaska’s legal cannabis industry. Today, we’ll look at a question related to some of those rules under development.

“Fishboy from Juneau” asks: “Will extracts like BHO (Butane Hash Oil) and shatter be available for us Alaskans? What do the laws look like surrounding concentrates?”

It appears at this point that, yes, concentrates like those will be available for Alaskans once the licenses to produce, test and sell them are granted. But some discussion remains before the final rules take shape, and no one’s been licensed yet. As we’ve learned previously, home production of concentrates for personal use is restricted in several localities to non-solvent-based extraction methods that lack the potential for fire or explosion, so recreational consumers will have to wait for the legal availability of the sophisticated products Fishboy identifies.


Marijuana ‘Dabbing’ Is ‘Exploding Onto The Drug-Use Scene’

NORTH CAROLINA:  Young people who use marijuana and are looking for a new way to get high may be increasingly turning to “dabbing,” a new paper suggests.

Dabbing is inhaling the vapors from a concentrated form of marijuana made by an extraction method that uses butane gas. Dabs, also known as butane hash oil (BHO) — which are sometimes called “budder,” “honeycomb” or “earwax” — are more potent than conventional forms of marijuana because they have much higher concentrations of the psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, than is found in regular cannabis, according to the paper.

“We have been seeing an emergence of dabs over the last three years,” said John Stogner, co-author of the new paper and an assistant professor of criminal justice and criminology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “It is really exploding onto the drug-use scene.”

Blasts Blamed On Hash Oil Lead To Federal Charges

WASHINGTON:  The chemical process used to make hash oil — a method so fraught with volatility that police compare it to making methamphetamine — has come under attack by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

On Tuesday, U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan’s office filed criminal charges against eight people in connection with recent explosions attributed to the manufacture of hash oil in Bellevue, Seattle, Kirkland and Puyallup. One case involved a massive explosion and fire at a Bellevue apartment complex in November that resulted in the death of former Bellevue Mayor Nan Campbell.

While possession and consumption of hash oil are legal in Washington. However, Durkan said its manufacture is not.

“Under state law, there is no legal way to make hash oil right now. Every one of these home systems is a violation of federal law and state law,” Durkan said during a news conference. “If you’re doing it you should stop.”


Puyallup Police Get Educated On New Frontier Of Drug Labs

WASHINGTON: When an unexpected THC/hash oil drug lab explosion occurred in the 1500 block of Shaw Road on May 20, the Puyallup Police Department and Central Pierce Fire and Rescue responded not wholly knowing what to expect.

“We never have had anything like this before,” said Captain Scott Engle, spokesperson for the police department. “This is fairly new on the radar screen in our area. We’re just now starting to see (these drug labs) around here. There’s only been three others known in Pierce County prior to ours.”

But by far, experts are saying this is the most significant incident on record in the South Sound region. Engle said these kind of THC/hash oil operations are becoming more and more prevalent, because people can now easily learn how to start one just by viewing a You Tube video.

DEA Moves to Create New Drug Code For Marijuana Extracts

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is looking to move forward on creating a new controlled substances code number for marijuana extract.

The extract, known as butane hash oil (or BHO) — and also known on the streets as “wax,” or “dabs” — is jacked up with concentrated levels of tetrahydrocannabino (THC), which is the chemical compound in pot that hits brain the hardest.

The code number set by the DEA would allow them to track quantities of extract separately from quantities of marijuana.

According to the United States Federal Register, the DEA defines it as “extracts that have been derived from any plant of the genus cannabis and which contain cannabinols and cannabidiols.”

While BHO gives the user a stronger, more concentrated high, accidents from cooking it up continue to pop up.

The Marijuana Industry's Latest 'It Product': 'Dabs'

CALIFORNIA: It’s become a daily occurrence. Customers visit Hugs Alternative Care, a medical-marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Calif., and ask for “dabs.”

They are referring to butane hash oil, an especially potent form of marijuana, also known as “honey,” “honey oil,” “wax” or “earwax” because of its sticky, amber-colored appearance. [Read more…]