Colorado Releases Trove Of Marijuana Data

COLORADO: It may very well be largest collection of data about marijuana use ever released in human history.

Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division unveiled an official report documenting a trove of information about marijuana and edible pot sales, the size of the industry, and testing results.

The Raw Tonnage

74 tons of marijuana flower were sold in the state, of which only 19 tons were sold as “recreational,” telling us medical patients used more than twice as much marijuana flower (buds) as did recreational customers.

This is roughly the size of 12 African elephants, or about 148 adult male polar bears.

Conversely, recreational users consumed vastly more edible marijuana products in 2014 than did medical marijuana patients.

1.96 million units of medical edibles were sold.

2.8 million of them were sold to recreational buyers.

That means a total of 4.8 million edible marijuana products like cookies, candy bars and drinks sold in 2014.

That’s equal to almost one edible to every resident of Colorado.