Oregon Celebrates With Free Weed As Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal

OREGON:  High on the top of the Burnside Bridge in Portland, they gathered, uniting to celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana use in their state.

A large group of people collected at the bridge Tuesday night, waiting for the stroke of midnight when Oregon’s Measure 91 went into effect. The state now allows recreational use for people 21 and over, growing of up to four marijuana plants and giving small amounts as gifts. (Since early this year, District of Columbia residents have been allowed to possess, grow and, in the privacy of their own homes, smoke marijuana.)

With the Oregon “gifting law” in mind, growers and enthusiasts decided to unite for a “BYOW” party, passing out their now legal product to everyone old enough. Organized by Russ Belville, along with the Portland chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the “Burnside Burn” was a chance for pot enthusiasts to celebrate their new freedom together.