Tilray To Acquire Natura Naturals Holdings For Up To C$70 Million Subject To Performance Milestones

Tilray Canada

CANADA: Tilray, a global leader in cannabis research, cultivation, production and distribution, announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all of the issued and outstanding securities of Natura Naturals Holdings, the parent company of a licensed cultivator of cannabis. As a result of the acquisition, if completed, Tilray will obtain Natura’s 662,000 square-foot Read the full article…

LDB Issues Product Call For Non-Medical Cannabis

LDB issues product call for non-medical cannabis

CANADA: The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) has issued a second product call as part of a continuing effort to expand its wholesale product assortment for non-medical cannabis. In July, the LDB entered into memorandums of understanding with 32 licensed producers to form its initial wholesale product assortment to cater to the B.C. market directly following legalization Read the full article…

Tilray Announces Second Facility To Meet Rapidly Growing Global Demand For Medical Cannabis

Total output to increase to 51 metric tonnes annually by end of 2018

CANADA: Tilray Canada Ltd., a global leader in medical cannabis research and production, has announced that it will invest, through an affiliated entity, up to $30 million in a second cultivation and processing facility located in Enniskillen, Ontario. The two facilities will generate a combined production capacity of up to 51 metric tonnes per year, which will Read the full article…

Legal Marijuana Cultivation Is Driving A Technology ‘Revolution’ In Industrial Agriculture

Dank Denver

CANADA: Deep within a cedar forest in British Columbia, Dan Sutton is building what he hopes will be the most energy-efficient, high-technology greenhouse for growing cannabis. Spurred by the booming market for medical marijuana, he and a group of biologists and engineers have experimented for almost three years with digital sensors, lighting arrays, software programs and Read the full article…

B.C. College Of Physicians Warned New Rules For Medicinal Marijuana Could Spark Legal Challenge

Docs avoid recommending pot for opioid addiction

CANADA:  Two Vancouver lawyers who specialize in marijuana have warned that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. may have put itself at risk of litigation when on May 5 it revised how doctors should counsel patients on medicinal cannabis. In separate interviews, Kirk Tousaw and John Conroy told the Straight a memo sent to B.C. doctors could result in a court Read the full article…

Vancouver’s Marijuana Museum Is Cashed Out

Denver health officials say they are holding marijuana products that show pesticides the state says cannot be used on cannabis.

CANADA:  Puff, puff, pass: Vancouver’s very own homage to the art and history of pot has closed up shop. The Herb Museum, located in the B.C. Marijuana Party building on West Hastings–”in the famous Pot Block of ‘Vansterdam’” as they describe–has opted to pack it in to make room for a seed sanctuary. Launched a Read the full article…

Safety First: Are Security Requirements For Legal Pot Grows Enough?

Marijuana growing security asks: What about gangs, cartels, kids with guns, dishonest employees?

WASHINGTON:  Washington state’s new pot grow operations have state-required alarm systems, dozens of cameras and tall fences. But some growers said they aren’t worried about theft and violence. Should they be? Pot farmer Susy Wilson doesn’t like keys and locks much. Wilson’s farm is in the Columbia Gorge. She’s not too security driven in her Read the full article…

Legalized Marijuana In Washington Could Hurt B.C.’s Multibillion-Dollar Pot Economy

When A Green Alternatives does open, it will be the first legal medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego and the second in the county.

CANADA:  B.C’s massive pot industry is in for some tough times because of changes in U.S. marijuana policy and a shrinking market south of the border. The changes have raised questions about whether B.C.’s economy will take a hit. Washington state’s liquor board is expected to issue the first wave of retail marijuana store licences Read the full article…

Sensible B.C.’s Campaign For Marijuana Referendum Fails

Sensible B.C.’s “cannabus” is travelling across the province to collect signatures for a referendum on marijuana decriminalization.

CANADA:  There was plenty of smoke, but ultimately no fire for Sensible B.C. Campaign organizer Dana Larsen confirmed Sunday that the Citizen’s Initiative for a referendum on decriminalizing marijuana possession has failed ahead of Election B.C.’s Monday deadline. “We’re not going to make it,” said Larsen. “We’ve very proud of our team of canvassers and Read the full article…

Sensible B.C. Claims Transit Cops Are Pushing Marijuana Campaigners Out Of SkyTrain Stations

“TransLink is bound by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” Tousaw said. “That means that they’ve got to allow political speech, both around their property and on their property.”

CANADA: SENSIBLE B.C.’S TOP spokesperson has accused TransLink and Transit Police of “harassing” canvassers collecting signatures for a petition to decriminalize marijuana in British Columbia.