Medical Marijuana Users Can Bake It, Not Just Smoke It, Top Court Rules

CANADA:  The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that users of marijuana for medical purposes have the right to bake the drug into cookies, take it in lozenge form or as topical oils, in addition to smoking it.

In a unanimous ruling Friday, the court said that federal law limiting medical marijuana use to smoking the dried form is arbitrary, and runs counter to the government’s stated objective of protecting health and safety. “The evidence amply supports the trial judge’s conclusions that inhaling marihuana can present health risks and that it is less effective for some conditions than administration of cannabis derivatives,” the court ruled, in a decision signed collectively by “the court,” which sometimes happens to give institutional weight to a ruling.

The right at stake was described by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association as the right to personal autonomy in medical decision-making – no matter what medical science may say about the wisdom of the decision.