Marley Natural Launches New ‘Studio’ Line Of Cannabis Flower In California

CALIFORNIA: Marley Natural, the official Bob Marley cannabis brand, today announced the debut of Studio, a new line of cannabis flower available in California. Inspired by the collaborations that brought Bob Marley’s music to life, Marley Natural Studio strains are masterpieces of modern indoor herb, created with gifted producers who share our positive vision for artistry, craft, and responsible cultivation.

Bob Marley’s name is synonymous with both electrifying live performances and enduring records still enjoyed by people all over the world. “My father said herb helped him contemplate the world and create music,” said Cedella Marley. “He would have some herb and write music or go to the studio. He believed the herb inspired and nurtured him.”

The Marley Natural STUDIO strains were developed in the same spirit. Like the partnership between artist and producer, we hand-selected our cultivation partners to ensure our vision was realized. Growing partners for the STUDIO line are local farmers committed to sustainable growing practices.

“We’re proud to expand our cannabis offering to include the STUDIO line,” said Berrin Noorata, Director of Marketing at Marley Natural. “Respectfully cultivated by producers that are best in their craft, our STUDIO line features strains you’ll want to experience again and again.”

Marley Natural STUDIO strains are available at select dispensary locations in California. To find Marley Natural STUDIO strains near you, visit


MicroDose Oral Strips Hit California Market

CALIFORNIA: Agritek Holdings announced the first orders for its “MicroDose” Oral Strips for the medicinal market of California. First orders and samples are being sent to dispensaries and local delivery services in both San Diego and Orange County this month. Agritek Holdings will provide the licensing and packaging to produce the exclusive line of 10mg and 50 mg oral strips as a medicinal alternative for patients.

According to the release,  the Microdose brand will be produced and expected to be distributed through its permitted manufacturer and collective to 140 plus dispensaries throughout California over the coming months. AGTK will receive a flat fee per single package designed exclusively by Agritek Holdings with the first 10,000 units being delivered by the end of the month.

The new Microdose Strips, or MD Strips, are a discreet, dose controlled, evaporating oral strip which offer a unique and smoke-free alternative to patients initially residing and holding medical recommendations in California. The medicated oral strips will be distributed to dispensaries and sold in a single pack and eventually multi-packs. . Doses for one oral strip will consist of 10mg and 50mg strips, and are manufactured through a consistent organic sun growth cannabis base. The strip is utilized by being placed under the tongue or between the cheek and gum of the mouth with the strip dissolving directly into the bloodstream.

Snoop Dogg Lights Up ‘Merry Jane,’ A Marijuana Lifestyle Content Site

Rapper-turned-tech-investor Calvin Broadus, better known as Snoop Dogg, is now a startup founder, too: he’s launching Merry Jane, a marijuana lifestyle site that he said will be “the encyclopedia to the cannabis world.”

Snoop laid out plans for Merry Jane on stage Monday at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference: the site will be a gathering place for everyone from those curious about cannabis to seasoned smokers and will feature things like original video content, including a series called “Deflowered,” where people get high and describe a new experience they had while enjoying marijuana.

As a budding venture capitalist, Snoop has already dabbled in investing in a few startups, usually with a focus on marijuana. His fund is called Casa Verde Capital and invested earlier this year in Eaze, an on-demand weed startup. He as also invested alongside actor Jared Leto in Robinhood, a free stock trading platform.