Florida City Wants to Ban Smoking Medical Marijuana Before It’s Even Legalized

FLORIDA:  Floridians may be set to head to the polls in November to legalize medical marijuana, but could individual cities still ban smoking medical pot anyway? Bonita Springs, Florida, is going to try and is already drafting an ordinance banning smoking in public.

Which is slightly funny because Bonita Springs’ most famous store is a fishing shop called Master Bait and Tackle (get it?), and its tourist stores sell a lot of “Bonita Springs: a drinking town with a fishing problem” shirts, but apparently medical pot is a bridge too far.

According to Political Fix Florida, the seven-member city council unanimously voted today to allow the city’s attorney to start crafting an ordinance for such a ban.

The council then plans to officially vote on the ban on November 5. That’s just a day after Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana statewide, would be voted on.