Blue Line Hosts Cannabis Security Career Fair At Its New Headquarters

COLORADO: Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. a leading security, transportation and risk mitigation solutions provider for retail businesses and financial institutions servicing the legal cannabis industry, is hosting a cannabis security career fair at its new Denver headquarters on Monday, August 22nd.

The career fair will be at Blue Line’s corporate and operations headquarters at 5765 Logan St., Denver, CO, 80216. The event runs from noon to 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 22nd, 2016; interested candidates are invited to drop in at their convenience during those times. Blue Line executives and hiring staff will be on-site to streamline the application, background check and interview process for candidates.

“We have immediate and ongoing openings for security personnel interested in providing protection services to Colorado’s legal cannabis industry,” said Daniel Allen, Blue Line’s CEO. “We’ve seen an increase in criminal activity directed toward this industry, and the time is right for those people who want to enter this challenging and rewarding customer-centric security industry.”

Interested candidates must be drug-free and at least 21 years of age and should bring their current résumé and a valid government-issued picture identification. New employees who successfully complete Blue Line’s security operations academy are eligible for medical and term life insurance benefits, firearms liability insurance benefits, CCW classes and more. Part-time and full-time armed and unarmed security positions are available across Colorado, but primarily in the metro Denver area.

The unprecedented demand for Blue Line’s security services has prompted a surge in hiring qualified security personnel. “We’re looking to hire 30 to 40 security operators immediately to provide enhanced protection services to our clients,” said Ricky G. Bennett, Blue Line’s Chief Operations and Compliance Officer. “The cannabis industry provides a fast-paced, customer-centric environment for those interested in developing rewarding careers in the security industry.”

Blue Line provides licensed, insured and armed security personnel to the most prominent cannabis operations across Colorado. Blue Line’s security operators are trained by former law enforcement and military personnel with a focus on customer service and creating a safe, secure retail experience for its clients and their customers. All Blue Line security operators must complete its 40-hour training academy, with courses in firearms use and deployment, ethics, situational awareness, communication skills and more.

Candidates who are unable to attend the career fair can apply online at or For more information, call 800-844-5576.

Blue Line Protection Group Launches Vaulting Services Division

COLORADO: Blue Line Protection Group,  a leader in providing armed protection, regulatory compliance and secured transportation services to high-value asset industries, today announced its new Vaulting Services Division to provide secure storage and processing solutions for clients across Colorado.

“We’re responding to the needs of a growing number of cash-intensive businesses seeking secure currency storage,” said Daniel Allen, Blue Line’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve seen increased interest from the local business community in a third-party, secure currency storage solution, and part of this is driven by the growth of the legal cannabis industry here in Colorado. Blue Line’s new Vaulting Services Division will enhance our ability to mitigate the risks posed to businesses that operate primarily through cash transactions.”

“Blue Line’s new facility and Vaulting Services Division will also serve the needs of regional financial institutions seeking an alternative for currency transportation and processing for their clients,” added Mr. Allen.

Blue Line manages security operations for Colorado’s most prominent lawful cannabis dispensaries and cultivation facilities. The Vaulting Services Division will offer personal and business currency vaulting services, as well as safe deposit box storage, and will be integral to its new operations headquarters located near downtown Denver and scheduled to open within the next month.

“As we near the opening of our new facility and our services expand across Colorado, our clients have expressed the desire for a centralized, secure facility to store their currency,” said Ricky G. Bennett, Blue Line’s Vice President of Operations and Compliance. “Currently, many of these business owners are left without banking solutions and are forced to store their cash inside their businesses, or even inside of their own homes. Transporting tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to their personal residences in unsecured vehicles only invites potential criminal elements into their neighborhoods. Blue Line minimizes the risks to these business owners, as well as to the community at large, by creating a central, secure facility to accommodate their cash storage needs.”

Blue Line has already established relationships with financial institutions across Colorado by providing on-site compliance investigations, helping banks comply with federal “know your customer” requirements. Blue Line will be able to transport currency from these banking customers directly to its centralized, secure location for processing, reducing the risk inherent with banks accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars through its teller windows. Blue Line employs primarily former law enforcement and military personnel to provide protection and armored transportation services to clients throughout Colorado.

“We’re protecting our businesses, we’re protecting our financial institutions, and we’re protecting our communities,” added Mr. Allen. “Our new Vaulting Services Division brings a much needed measure of security and peace of mind to cash intensive businesses and persons with assets in need of secure storage.”

Blue Line is now accepting applications from persons, businesses and financial institutions interested in its vaulting services. Contact Blue Line at 800-844-5576, or email Blue Line’s Vaulting Services Division at for more information.


Blue Line Protection Group and Amercanex Streamline Wholesale Transactions for Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Industry

COLORADO: Blue Line Protection Group, a leader in providing armed protection, regulatory compliance and secured transportation services to high-value asset industries, today announced its new strategic alliance with Amercanex, the American Cannabis Exchange, to provide secure cash processing and transportation services to Amercanex’s ACE Marketplace transacting members.

“This new relationship is the product of many months of work between Blue Line Protection Group and Amercanex,” said Daniel Allen, Blue Line’s chief executive officer. “Now, Amercanex ACE Marketplace transacting members can engage in fully compliant transactions of lawful marijuana products, and we can provide the safe and secure product and currency transportation to minimize the risks associated with moving large amounts of currency from buyer to seller.”

The legal cannabis industry still relies primarily on cash transactions. However, the presence of cash brings an increased likelihood of criminal threats directed towards dispensaries and wholesale cultivators who keep large amounts of currency on-site to enable them to engage in legal cannabis transactions. Amercanex’s ACE Marketplace streamlines and economizes wholesale transactions of legal marijuana products, while Blue Line provides the logistical infrastructure to provide secure cash and product transportation.

“Our partnership with Blue Line gives our transacting members yet another edge in the cannabis industry,” said Steve Janjic, Amercanex CEO. “We created this alliance in response to the need for a secure method of transporting cash and product as well as another payment method removing credit risk associated with sourcing inventory on the ACE Marketplace. As the nation’s premier cash-based security and protection agency in the cannabis industry, Blue Line gives growers and dispensaries additional peace of mind while conducting business on our electronic marketplace.”

“This solution is perfect for dispensary managers who want to engage in more cost efficient wholesale transactions, but who do not feel comfortable keeping large amounts of cash on-hand to facilitate those purchases,” said Ricky Bennett, Blue Line’s vice president of operations and compliance. “Now, dispensary owners can rely on Blue Line for secure off-site cash storage and secure product transportation. Less cash stored on-site at a dispensary makes that business, as well as the staff and customers inside, less attractive to criminals.”

“With our new 12,000-square-foot Denver headquarters opening soon, not only will we have all of our operations consolidated into a single, secured and protected location, but we’ll have a central hub for our transportation fleet to accommodate all of our clients’ transactions,” said Mr. Allen. “From our new centralized location, we’ll be able to offer our full suite of services to our clients, our valued business partners across the nation, and our banking partners right here in Colorado who’ve been looking for a secure off-site facility that can accommodate cash processing.”



Company Targets Marijuana Industry’s Cash

COLORADO: A Denver-area company that provides security for marijuana businesses moving around large amounts of cash said it’s growing in the city.

Blue Line Protection Group Inc. said it’s opening a new 12,000-square-foot facility in Denver that will be able to house its armored vehicles, count companies’ cash, and store cash in vaults. It’s scheduled to open in the first quarter of next year, the company said.

Right now in Colorado, the marijuana industry is basically operating as an all-cash industry, because national banks don’t want anything to do with pot, since it’s still technically illegal nationally. A Denver credit union, Fourth Corner Credit Union, tried to get legit and had filed suit to get clearance from the Federal Reserve to open, but in October, the Federal Reserve said it won’t issue the required master account because marijuana is an illegal activity.

Blue Line Protection Group Hosts Free Security And Compliance Seminar For Illinois Medical Marijuana Industry

ILLINOIS: Blue Line Protection Group is hosting a free seminar to cannabis dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and other vendors and service providers to provide information about Illinois’ new medical marijuana industry.

The free medical marijuana seminar takes place on Thursday, January 15, 2015 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Convention Center at 1850 Convention Center Drive in Tinley Park, Illinois. Blue Line personnel will be on hand to provide information about:

  • Security and protection of dispensaries and cultivation facilities
  • Lawful, licensed and insured transportation of product and cash
  • Human resources and professional employment services
  • State and federal compliance requirements for marijuana-related enterprises
  • Banking considerations and how businesses can prepare
  • Secure payment solutions and cash alternatives

“We’re committed to bringing our proven success in providing security, transportation and compliance services to the lawful cannabis industry in Illinois,” said Sean Campbell, Blue Line’s Chief Executive Officer. “Even with the state’s recent delay in announcing marijuana licenses, we’ll continue to reach out to license applicants and vendors in Illinois to help establish best business practices and a solid foundation for a secure and legitimate industry.”

Blue Line Helps Pot Businesses With Risk, Compliance

COLORADO: While organizers work to get a marijuana credit union off the ground in Colorado — and possibly financial cooperatives for pot-related businesses that were approved by the Legislature last spring — an entire cottage industry of security and transportation specialists has popped up here to deal with the cash-heavy sector.

Lakewood-based Blue Line Protection Group is among the highest-profile companies in the growing security sector, and its services go beyond armed guards and armored transport.

Many of Blue Line’s 70 employees are military veterans and former law enforcement officers, and they provide secured transportation, state and federal regulatory compliance, and more.

Washington’s Top Pot Companies Recruit At Seattle Job Fair

WASHINGTON: Washington’s legal marijuana market is heating up. In the first two months of operation, the Evergreen State has generated more than 14 million in recreational marijuana sales, which resulted in more than $3 million in new tax revenues — all that with only a handful of legal pot shops open. Every week the Washington Liquor Control Board issues more recreational licenses for legal growers, producers and processors of pot, and as that production ramps up so does the demand for a wide range of professional services.

The Green Rush is on — cannabis employers are now focusing on hiring and so the Marijuana Business Association hosted a Job Fair to put would-be workers in weed together with new high-paying jobs.

The MJBA Job Fair happened Saturday at the Red Lion Hotel in Bellevue, WA, and was presented by online job board, and sponsored by a host of leading canna-employers. AOL Jobs talked to some of them to find out what kind of jobs are being created in this new legal industry, and what kinds of experience and training will best prepare job seekers for an exciting new career in the cannabis trade.

Marco Hoffman,
President, Evergreen Herbal

Marco Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur out of California where he co-founded the Venice Cookie Company. He is modeling his smaller Washington operation after best practices learned at VCC. Evergreen Herbal has quickly established itself, and its 4.20 and infused-Quencher lines – at the top of Washington’s most successful medibles category.

MJBA Job Fair 231A.C. Braddock
CEO, Eden Labs

Eden Labs is a leading manufacturer of extraction technology, the innovator of the Hi-Flo Co2 system, the “Coldfinger” distillation systems and a multitude of protocols for the processing of botanicals. The company, which has deep roots in the food, tobacco and coffee industries, has grown quickly in response to the tremendous growth of the cannabis concentrates market. A.C. is a founding member of Women of Weed, Marijuana Business Association, NCIA and the MJBA Women’s Alliance.

Eden Labs does not micro-manage” A.C. tells AOL Jobs. “Employees must be able to work unsupervised, and will be expected to be responsible in achieving designated deadlines and improving the job role as needed.” Like many in the dynamic new industry, Braddock emphasizes the importance of being a team player with excellent communication skills.

Blue Line Protection Group Providing Financial, Security And Compliance To Legal Marijuana Industry

COLORADO:  Blue Line Protection Group, a leading provider of protection, financial and compliance services to the legal cannabis industry, was featured on the front page of The Denver Post on Sunday, June 15th in the article, “Reluctance of banks leaves pot shops looking for secure practices.”

The article focuses on the unique and uncertain banking issues facing legal marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. Traditional banks have not been willing to offer services to cannabis-related businesses due to the serious compliance issues they face, as it is illegal under federal law to manufacture, distribute or dispense marijuana.

The story highlights “Medicine Man,” a family-owned Denver marijuana business with designs on becoming a national brand that has employed Blue Line Protection Group’s security services since January 1st of this year. In addition to its armed guard security and compliance services, Blue Line is currently working with five Colorado marijuana companies to provide a viable financial solution for lawful cannabis dispensaries and has drawn interest from two Colorado-based banks.

The Denver Post article quoted Dan Sullivan, Blue Line Protection Group’s Vice President of Sales & Training and Andy Williams, Medicine Man’s President & CEO, describing how the two businesses are successfully working together.

Referring to Blue Line Protection Group, the article stated, “The company would serve as a compliance intermediary, an independent third party that would provide banks with data confirming that customers are 21 or older, licensing confirmation, monthly tax income, sales figures and other sensitive information.”

Mr. Sullivan commented, “The banks are saying they won’t do it because it’s an enormous amount of information they don’t possess. A third party, though, could do it for them. Blue Line would transport cash from businesses, store it in its own vault and then take it to a bank processing center.”

Andy Williams said the arrangement would give Medicine Man access to debit cards and checking and the terms were agreeable.

Sean Campbell, Blue Line’s Chief Executive Officer, commented on the article, “Blue Line has developed a proprietary standards and compliance verification program for banks interested in providing services to cannabis-related businesses. This makes Blue Line a natural fit to provide ongoing compliance services and reporting in this industry as we build upon our current suite of services to satisfy federal banking compliance requirements.”