Berkley Is Next Michigan City Expected To Vote On Easing Marijuana Penalties

MICHIGAN: Volunteers who’ve walked the streets of Berkley for the last month said Monday they plan to turn in about 700 signatures today aimed at putting yet another marijuana-legalization question before yet another city’s voters.

By the time the door-to-door campaigns end, similar questions likely will appear on ballots in nearly 20 communities around the state, from Utica to the U.P., said leaders of Safer Michigan, a Detroit-based nonprofit group coordinating the far-flung petition drives.

Campaigners said they’re hard at work in Berkley’s neighbors, Huntington Woods and Pleasant Ridge. They expect that the three towns’ November ballots will ask residents: Should the city allow “the use, possession or transfer” of up to 1 ounce of marijuana on private property that is “not used by the public” by those 21 and older.