19 Whatcom Co. Businesses Apply To Sell Medical Marijuana

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is considering applications from 19 businesses that want to sell medical marijuana in Whatcom County.

The Bellingham Herald reports that the board has approved six medical endorsements thus far for existing stores that have a license to sell recreational marijuana.

The board began accepting new applications last month. Medical pot is being incorporated into the recreational pot industry.

Exploding ‘Pot Pop’ Removed From Three Marijuana Shops

WASHINGTON:  When Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham took delivery of 330 bottles of a brand new marijuana infused soda on September 28, they were excited to promote it to their customers.

They sold ten bottles of legal sparkling pomegranate soda made by Mirth Provisions of Longview on the first day.

But when employees opened up shop the following day, they found a sticky mess of broken bottles and shards of glass throughout the store.  During the night, the bottles began to self destruct.  The employees didn’t think anything was dangerous until they heard and saw bottles randomly explode.

“It sounded like a shotgun going off,” said Top Shelf Cannabis manager Zach Henifin. “You can actually feel it, it was that explosive”.

Report: Seattleites Heading To Bellingham For Legal-Marijuana Buys

WASHINGTON:  The I-502 retail store in Seattle ran out of marijuana Thursday and will be closed for at least a week, but two retailers will be open in Bellingham on Monday. Both cannabis sellers report they’ll be getting new shipments in the first of the week, as well.

With Seattle’s only retailer closed for 10-15 days to restock and uncertainty surrounding when shops in Tacoma will open, both Bellingham stores reported heavy traffic coming from the Seattle region.

Aaron Nelson of 2020 Solutions, which opened on Thursday in Bellingham, said their shop was open today (Sunday) and would open again 8 a.m. on Monday morning with “tons of new stuff coming in.”

Nelson said 2020 Solutions has seen a lot of folks from Seattle, too, as well as from “Tacoma, Everett and all over the country.” He then rattled of a list of states that quickly started sounding a lot like Johnny Cash’s “I’ve been everywhere.”


Only One Hiccup For Pot Shop’s Opening Day

WASHINGTON:  The first pot shop to open in Bellingham and the state,Top Shelf Cannabis, had one hiccup in an otherwise successful opening.

Chase Bank refused to give them change for smaller bills.

Manager Sigrid Williams says when they started to run out of one and five dollar bills, they tried to ask Chase Bank for change.

She says they’re hoping to work out an arrangement with a smaller bank in Seattle, soon.

Legal Marijuana Sales: Washington Issues First Pot Shop Licenses

WASHINGTON:  Washington state issued its first retail marijuana licenses on Monday with a middle-of-the-night email alerting bleary-eyed pot-shop proprietors that they’ll finally be able to open for business.

“We’re pretty stoked,” said John Evich, an investor in Bellingham’s Top Shelf Cannabis, in a 2:30 a.m. Pacific time interview with The Associated Press. “We haven’t had any sleep in a long time, but we’re excited for the next step.”

Randy Simmons, the state Liquor Control Board‘s project manager for legal marijuana, said Sunday night that the first two dozen stores were being notified so early to give them an extra few hours to get cannabis on their shelves before they are allowed to open their doors at 8 a.m. Tuesday — an opening that’s expected to be accompanied by high prices, shortages and celebration.

The issuance of the retail licenses marked a major step that’s been 20 months in the making. Washington and Colorado stunned much of the world by voting in November 2012 to legalize marijuana for adults over 21, and to create state-licensed systems for growing, selling and taxing the pot.


Three Pot Stores In Bellingham May Be Among First To Open In State

WASHINGTON:  Three proposed retail marijuana stores in Bellingham are ready for final inspections, meaning they could be among the first such outlets to open in the state once the first licenses are issued July 7.

Four licensees in Tacoma, three in Spokane and three in Vancouver also are ready for their final inspections, according to information provided to the state Liquor Control Board. In Seattle, only one store is ready for that inspection, along with two others in King County — one in Bellevue and another in Des Moines.

Even small towns like Union Gap and Benge, which is in Adams County, have a store on a list of 20 expected to be among the first licenses issued on July 7.

Those stores would be able to open as early as 8 a.m. the next day. More stores will get final inspections, be issued licenses and be allowed to open later in July.

WA State Gets Paperwork For 179 Marijuana Businesses In Whatcom County

WASHINGTON: The number of applications for marijuana stores in Bellingham outnumbers the city’s Woods Coffee shops, Starbucks cafés and Haggen grocery stores – combined.

Last week marked the deadline for the first wave of pot entrepreneurs to apply for a license and get in on Washington’s newest industry.

On Christmas Eve, the state Liquor Control Board released names and addresses of more than 3,700 businesses that submitted paperwork in the initial one-month window for applications.

A total of 179 businesses, or 4.8 percent of the statewide total, hope to open in Whatcom County. By comparison, about 3 percent of Washingtonians live here.