Cannabis Nuptials In Colorado’s High Country

By David Rheins

We recently spoke to Bec Koop, owner of Buds & Blossoms who has created a new line of floral packages for brides and grooms getting married in the high country of Colorado.

Since adult consumption of cannabis became legal on January 1st, many cannabis-friendly Coloradan couples have been interested in incorporating their love of marijuana into their wedding day festivities. Inspired, florist Bec decided to create “Buds & Blossoms” — a unique fusion of traditional ornamental flowers with dried cannabis. The Denver entrepreneur partnered with Jane West, owner of Edible Events, and together the duo offers cannabis weddings in the high rocky mountains and Denver area.

Edible Events will manage the wedding event details, while Buds & Blossoms will create the “Buds in Bouquets” and “Budonnieres.”  They even offer VIP luxury limo service thru Canna’tarium Tours to take the brides and grooms and their wedding party to the top dispensaries in the area to choose their wedding weed.  All this is completely legal in the state of Colorado. [Read more…]