Beaverton City Councilors to Discuss Regulations That Could Ban Medical Marijuana

OREGON: Following in the footsteps of other Oregon cities, Beaverton leaders are headed toward a decision on whether medical marijuana outlets will get the green light within city limits, or whether changes to city code will nip potential new businesses in the bud.

Beaverton city councilors will offer suggestions and directions regarding medical marijuana businesses during a work session on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall. Work sessions are open to the public.

Nearby Hillsboro recently opted for a temporary ban of medical marijuana facilities while it sorts out zoning laws. Medford, Gresham and Tualatin have also moved forward with barring such outlets.

Oregon House Bill 3460, passed in the 2013 session, authorizes distribution of medical marijuana at registered facilities. The Oregon Health Authority will start sorting through registration applications for medical marijuana outlets on March 3.