Safety First: Are Security Requirements For Legal Pot Grows Enough?

WASHINGTON:  Washington state’s new pot grow operations have state-required alarm systems, dozens of cameras and tall fences. But some growers said they aren’t worried about theft and violence.

Should they be?

Pot farmer Susy Wilson doesn’t like keys and locks much. Wilson’s farm is in the Columbia Gorge. She’s not too security driven in her life, but at her pot farm she doesn’t have a choice.

“My feeling is that if people are coming in with guns a blazing then I need to get out,” Wilson said. “Otherwise, what is it that I have to worry about? Someone crawling over the fence and stealing a bud?”


Sensible BC Gaining Momentum

CANADA:  Sensible BC‘s Dec. 5 deadline is rapidly approaching and the number of signatures collected this month in the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky riding — as well as the rest of the province — has been very encouraging for the campaign’s organizers.

“There’s been tremendous momentum,” said Mark Vaughan, lead organizer for the riding.

“It took a while to get information out there to get enough canvassers. A lot of people signed up early then they were out of town or were unable to be contacted for numerous reasons. There was a lot of chasing down non-existent leads early on. Now, as we get more events happening, more people are aware and every day I’m getting a list of 70 to 80 new canvassers in B.C. We’ll probably see more signatures in this last month than we’ve seen to date.” [Read more…]

Conservatives Slam Trudeau Over Marijuana Legalization Stance, Saying Drugs Have ‘Harmful Effect’

CANADA: Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has changed his position on the decriminalization of marijuana and now wants to see the drug legalized, taxed and regulated, a stance that has drawn the ire of the Conservative government but applause from pot activists. [Read more…]