Sensible BC Gaining Momentum

Claire Landsell is coordinating the Sensible BC petition for marijuana law reform for the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Riding. They need 10 per cent of registered voters to sign the petition to have a referendum on the reforms.

CANADA:  Sensible BC‘s Dec. 5 deadline is rapidly approaching and the number of signatures collected this month in the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky riding — as well as the rest of the province — has been very encouraging for the campaign’s organizers. “There’s been tremendous momentum,” said Mark Vaughan, lead organizer for the riding. “It Read the full article…

Medical Marijuana Lets B.C. Growers Earn Thousands On Streets

medical marijuana production facilities

CANADA: A B.C. pot grower says he and many others are making thousands of dollars every month growing licensed medical marijuana and selling it for illegal distribution on the streets, and there is little police can do to stop it.

Conservatives Slam Trudeau Over Marijuana Legalization Stance, Saying Drugs Have ‘Harmful Effect’

Trudeau promised that under his leadership Canada would create a system to tax, regulate and sell marijuana, along with stiff penalties for anyone giving pot to children or caught driving while stoned. The Liberal Party's cannabis legalization statement echoes the language used by many U.S. legalization advocates.

CANADA: Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has changed his position on the decriminalization of marijuana and now wants to see the drug legalized, taxed and regulated, a stance that has drawn the ire of the Conservative government but applause from pot activists.

Matt Gurney: Justin Trudeau on marijuana — right idea, wrong reason

Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau meets with his fans and supporters in B.C. on Tuesday.

CANADA: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau recently told a crowd of supporters in British Columbia that he supports legalizing marijuana. Previously, his position had been favoring decriminalization, but the Montreal MP now believes that marijuana should be legalized, regulated and taxed.