Broomfield City Council Extends Ban On Marijuana Businesses Through 2017

COLORADO:  Broomfield City Council has extended a ban on marijuana businesses for another two years.

At it meeting Tuesday, council extended the ban on marijuana-related businesses, such as grow operations, testing facilities, product and manufacturing facilities and retail outlets. Those businesses were already banned in Broomfield through January 2015. With the extension the ban is set to expire in 2017.

When council first enacted the ban in 2013, it indicated voters likely would have the last say on the future of the pot industry in Broomfield. Yet the ordinance did not explicitly guarantee the issue would land on the ballot — either council or voters have to officially ask for a ballot initiative.

Council’s consideration of extending the ban came after several discussions about whether doing so would help keep drugs away from minors and address concerns from residents who don’t want retail pot businesses near schools or other community spaces.