Kamala Harris: War On Drugs Failed, Legalize Medical Marijuana

CALIFORNIA: California’s top cop and candidate for Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat, Kamala Harris, issued one of her strongest statements of support for medical cannabis this week.

Speaking at the annual convention of California democrats, Harris said she would stand up for people, and challenge the policy of mass incarceration by recognizing the “war on drugs was a failure”.

“Now is the time to end the federal ban on medical marijuana,” she said. “It is,” she said, then laughed.

Attorney General Harris’ new statement aligns her with Sen. Boxer who co-sponsored a bill this year to end the federal war on medical marijuana. Some 80 percent of Americans also support legal medical cannabis.

Marijuana An Issue In State Attorney General Race

CALIFORNIA:  A Republican fighting to unseat California’s incumbent attorney general has adopted the unconventional strategy of seeking to legalize recreational marijuana as the centerpiece of his uphill campaign.

Democratic Attorney General Kamala Harris, meanwhile, has softened her opposition to recreational pot as she seeks a second and final term as the state’s top law enforcement official.

“The circumstances have changed. Now Colorado and Washington have done it,” said Harris, who spoke out against California’s failed Proposition 19 legalization measure when she first ran for statewide office in 2010.

California should wait to see how those states deal with such complex issues as open-air use that can lead to contact highs among bystanders who had no intention of inhaling, Harris said in a telephone interview.


Attorney General: Marijuana Legalization Would Save Calif. "Hundreds of Millions"

CALIFORNIA: Forget social justice, equality, and doing the right thing — when it comes to getting it done, politics and policy are all about that money.

Backers of marijuana legalization have long argued that ending the war on a plant and lifting prohibition on cannabis means big money for California. And Attorney General Kamala Harris agrees with them.

If California legalized marijuana, the state would save “hundreds of millions of dollars,” according to the Attorney General’s office. That’s on top of hundreds of millions more in potential tax revenue — meaning legal weed could, conservatively, put California half a billion dollars in the black.

That’s real money.

This isn’t Harris being weed-friendly, either: this is an analysis required by law.