Julian Marley Returns To The Stage For “AS I AM” West Coast Tour After Tragic Family Loss To Cancer.

Thousands to attend Julian Marley’s, 2019 West Coast “AS I AM” Tour,  in support of the Artist’s latest album release and his mission for Children’s Cancer Research Awareness.”   The chart topping 4th album release, “AS I AM” captivated music lovers worldwide last year, the West Coast fans have been eagerly awaiting their turn. 

CALIFORNIA:  Not since the loss of his father 40 years ago, has the artist endured this type of heart shattering family tragedy. Julian vows to continue creating healing awareness, through his global reach, growing Reggae Roots deeper in to the evolving culture; and spreading a message of urgency, unity and hope for the people.


“I come “as I am” still healing- left with no choice but to turn to my music and advocacy. It is the only way to carry on,” – Julian Marley

This tour will begin a new chapter in Julian Marley’s music career and humanitarian efforts. The story Julian only recently made public to his fans -a few days ago inMerry Jane Magazine, was a hope filled, but somber experience. It explains what led to a few tour postponements- since the album’s release.

Over the summer Julian suffered the loss of  an adolescent, a close family member, deeply loved and honored by  all. This marks the 2nd Marley family member to be lost to cancer, a heart shattering tragedy for Julian, after losing his father almost 40 years ago.

In both sadness and a mission of determination, Julian courageously takes to the stage this Friday, to soothe our hearts-and his, through the healing power of his inspirational music. Carving out his own legacy, Julian is redefining the messages in Reggae music, passed down from generations of nobility- to motivate a new era advocacy, health awareness, and sustainability. Education to exercise our natural rights, in a limbo legal culture, with new medicinal education, is a cornerstone of Julian’s mission. With the help of research pioneer Tracy Ryan of CannaKids, and the charity Saving Sophie & JUJU ROYAL Foundation, they are raising funds and awareness on this tour—- to find a means to an end. Julian aims to bring proven data, results and treatment, to children needlessly suffering, by way of societies misinformation.

Julian Marley Tour Poic

Just this week, Snoop Dogg reached out to all of his “Snoop Lion” fans on Facebook, and posted a recent article to promote Julian’s upcoming tour-  and garner support for his cause.