Patients Can’t Sell Medical Pot, Appeals Court Rules

Edibles in California will reach $11B by end of 2017

ARIZONA:  In an opinion that impacts several criminal cases around the state, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday that authorized medical-marijuana patients cannot sell cannabis to other patients. The 3-0 ruling by the state’s Division Two appeals court overturns a decision made last July by Pima County Superior Court Judge Richard Fields, who ruled that such sales Read the full article…

Annual Report Shows Increase In Medical Marijuana Use In State Dec

The state's medical-pot regulations are due for renewal in 2015 meaning that all the medical pot rules are open to change.

ARIZONA:  The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) has been in effect for four years, and the annual report by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) shows that more and more people are taking part in the program. The first annual report presented in 2012 revealed that there were 35,641 active cardholders in the state. Read the full article…

Court Rules Arizonans On Probation Can Use Medicinal Marijuana If Eligible

The Denver Department of Environmental Health found the business was using a corroded and moldy clothes washing machine to process marijuana.

ARIZONA:  State judges cannot bar those placed on probation from using medical marijuana if they are otherwise eligible, the state Court of Appeals ruled Friday. And that even includes those who were convicted for drug offenses. Appellate judge Peter Eckerstrom said when voters approved the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in 2010 they declared that those Read the full article…

Judge: Medical-Marijuana Patients Can Sell Pot To Other Patients Because Law Is Vague

Pima County Superior Court judge has ruled that Arizona medical marijuana law is so vague, patients can sell to other patients.

ARIZONA:  Arizona’s medical-marijuana law is so vague, the state can’t prosecute patients who sell pot to other patients, a Pima County Superior Court judge has ruled. The offbeat, July 2 ruling and dismissal of a criminal case by Judge Richard Fields has the potential to open up all sorts of entrepreneurial opportunities for Arizonans to Read the full article…

Judge Overturns AZ Zoning Law On Medical Marijuana

Gordon ruled in favor of White Mountain Health Center but told both sides that he’ll listen to further arguments on practical effects of his ruling Monday.

ARIZONA: A judge has overturned Maricopa County’s zoning ordinance for medical marijuana dispensaries, ruling that the ordinance appeared to be a “transparent attempt” to keep the businesses out of unincorporated areas of the county.