Pierce County Gets Its First Retail Cannabis Store — But It’s Not Pot

WASHINGTON: With neither fanfare nor protest, retail cannabis came to unincorporated Pierce County on Friday with the opening of The Ultimate Cure in Summit.

That’s cannabis, not marijuana.

Angel Swanson, one of the owners of the enterprise at 5324 84th St. E., said the products she sells contain less than 0.3 percent of THC, the principal active ingredient in marijuana.

Initiative 502, which regulates the production, processing and retail sale of pot, defines marijuana as the parts of the cannabis plant “with a THC concentration greater than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.”

Anything less, Swanson says, makes a plant cannabis and not pot and therefore is legal to sell. Or buy. By anyone.

The oils, topical lotions and cannabis-infused edible snacks on the shelves, Swanson said, do contain high concentrations of CBD alongside the relative absence of THC.

Washington State’s Marijuana License Lottery Will Not Pause For Appeals

WASHINGTON: A judge Wednesday refused to halt the state government’s lottery for licenses to operate marijuana stores.

The state Liquor Control Board is holding lotteries for each part of the state where there’s competition for a limited number of retail licenses. The winners were chosen last week. The board expects to announce them by Friday, then start considering the winning applicants for 334 licenses.

On the outside looking in: hundreds of applicants who learned days before the lottery they had been disqualified.

Two of them, Angel Swanson and Mark Dixon, asked Thurston County Superior Court Judge Carol Murphy to stop the release of names of winners in their parts of Pierce and Skagit counties while they appeal their disqualifications. She declined.

“I recognize that there are very serious rights at issue here,” Murphy said, “and my denial is based in part on the state’s representation that there very well may be a remedy that would be adequate to the applicants who are successful in their administrative appeals.”