420MEDIA Trailblazers In Cannabis: Cici & Adam Dunn, Owners and Founders of HOODLAB

Dunn Family

Digital marketing agency 420MEDIA and the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) have joined forces to create a series highlighting entrepreneurs trailblazing the cannabis scene. Each week, we profile a noteworthy business pioneer, and ask each 5 questions. This week’s featured trailblazers are Cici and Adam Dunn, Owners and Founders of HOODLAB Store & HoodLamb Colorado, a Read the full article…

Holland: Foreigners Welcome In Dutch Coffeeshops Again

Eindhoven has ruled that banning foreigners from cannabis coffeeshops has benefitted only the street dealers.

NETHERLANDS:  Although coffeeshops in Amsterdam never stopped tourists using them, many other cities demanded that coffeeshops sold cannabis only to Dutch citizens.  Those rules are now starting to crumble, and in order to drive ‘street dealers’ back out of business some cities are allowing tourists back in the coffeeshops. Eindhoven has ruled that banning foreigners Read the full article…

Holland’s New Marijuana Laws Are Changing Old Amsterdam

Cannabis with more than 15 percent of the THC that makes it intoxicating is now under consideration to be reclassified as one of the “hard drugs” that come with stiff penalties.

NETHERLANDS:  The last time Derrick Bergman came to Amsterdam to buy cannabis, he did so behind a locked door with a long, thick curtain obscuring his activity from the canal-lined residential street outside, in the quiet Lastage neighborhood. The secretary of the Netherlands’s Union for the Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition, Bergman comes here to weekly Read the full article…

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Stays Open, But Crowd Frustrated

High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam frustrates pot tourists

By Jake Browne, The Cannabist Staff AMSTERDAM — Don’t tell High Times the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is canceled, shut down or in any way shuttered. Determined to proceed with the 27th annual event, organizers opened the Melkweg on Monday morning as if it were business as usual at the venue. Passes, tote bags and T-shirts were Read the full article…

Will Pueblo Be The Amsterdam of Colorado?


COLORADO: Will Pueblo County become the Amsterdam of Colorado?  That’s how one local medical marijuana operator described his hopes last week in a lengthy article in The Washington Post newspaper — an ambition that might be shared by marijuana users but one that is a worst-case scenario for local economic development officials. “Let’s put it this Read the full article…

'First Ever' Bill Proposes Legal Cannabis In France

People smoking a joint in France face a maximum penalty of a year behind bars and a €3,750 fine for the first offence, yet 13.4 million French people admit to sparking up at least once in their life.

FRANCE:  France is no Amsterdam when it comes to marijuana laws.  In fact, it has some of the toughest possession statutes in Europe,  but a first of its kind bill proposed this week could change that. The lawmaker behind the legislation tells The Local why marijuana should be legalized in France. People smoking a joint Read the full article…

Colorado Pot Sales Exceed $1 Million On First Day

Colorado is marking one year since it became the first state to allow recreational pot.

COLORADO: Pot shops did record sales compared to the “medical marijuana days” on Wednesday when recreational marijuana opened. Pot shop owners across Colorado believe they collectively made more than $1 million statewide. Supporters, critics and other states are waiting to see what will happen in Colorado on day two and beyond. In Perth, Australia, headlines say Read the full article…

Cannabis 'Scratch And Sniff' Cards Help Dutch Bust Growers

Though it remains technically illegal, the Netherlands decriminalised the consumption and possession of under five grammes (0.18 ounces) of cannabis in 1976 under a "tolerance" policy.

Authorities turn a blind eye to citizens growing no more than five plants for personal use, though that too is illegal.

NETHERLANDS: A Dutch initiative to combat illegal cannabis cultivation through the use of marijuana-scented “scratch-and-sniff” cards has gone nationwide to alert citizens to what their neighbours may be up to.

Cannabis Cafes Could Set Up Shop In Berlin

Legally buying a few grams of marijuana might soon become reality in Berlin. Kreuzberg district's new mayor, Monika Herrmann, has plans to open Germany's first cannabis coffee shop.

GERMANY: When Monika Herrmann took office as Berlin Kreuzberg’s mayor in August, she made cannibis legalization a priority. It’s a topic igniting controversy in the city’s capital, especially with German federal elections set for Sept. 22.

Activists hope to make Dunedin 'Cannabis capital'

Activist Julian Crawford hopes to make Dunedin, NZ 'Cannabis capital'

NEW ZEALAND: Marijuana legalization advocates in Dunedin have high hopes the city will become Dunsterdam, the cannabis capital of the South Pacific.