Federal Government Reports Teen Marijuana Use In Colorado Still Has NOT Increased Since Legalization

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Five years after Colorado voters decided to regulate marijuana for adult use, rates of current and lifetime use among high school students remain relatively unchanged and on par with national averages COLORADO: A new federal report shows rates of teen marijuana use in Colorado have still not increased since voters decided to end marijuana prohibition in Read the full article…

Colorado Gov. Still Isn’t High On Legalized Marijuana

While Hickenlooper voiced sympathy towards the inequities of felony records for young people with “often minor marijuana transgressions,” he looked to state lawmakers and district attorneys to mitigate these issues.

COLORADO: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper did not support marijuana legalization before voters in his state gave it the stamp of approval at the polls in 2012. Four months into this “great social experiment” he tells us he still wouldn’t have supported it despite tax revenues coming in higher than officials thought and a burgeoning new industry. Read the full article…

Past Marijuana Convictions, Now Legal Under Amendment 64, Could Be Sealed

Authorities estimated the average test took about 45 minutes where a certified drug officer runs the drill and an EMT is called in to draw blood from the suspect.

COLORADO: Coloradans convicted of a marijuana offense that would have been legal had Amendment 64 been in place could petition to have their records sealed under a bipartisan proposal unveiled Tuesday evening in the state Senate. Senate Bill 218, which was granted late bill status and comes with just days until the 2014 session concludes, would allow residents Read the full article…

Colorado Court Rules Some Marijuana Convictions Can Be Overturned

In English, that means this is a fairly narrow ruling that affects those who fought charges in court and whose appeals were in process when the amendment went into effect.

COLORADO: A Colorado judge ruled on Thursday that some people convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana could have their convictions overturned. The ruling has to do with the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana in 2012. Judge Gale T. Miller, writing an opinion for the three-judge panel, found that the constitutional amendment legalizing possession of less than Read the full article…

Pot connection? Colorado Schools Deny Spike In Applications Sparked By Marijuana Law

Applications to the University of Colorado are up 30 percent since Amendment 64 made recreational pot legal, according to Director of Admissions Kevin MacLennan.

COLORADO: Colorado colleges and universities have seen a dramatic jump in applications, including from out of state, following the legalization of marijuana, but officials insist there’s no drug connection. Applications to the University of Colorado are up 30 percent since Amendment 64 made recreational pot legal, according to Director of Admissions Kevin MacLennan. But while several Read the full article…

Things To Do In Denver When You're Stoned

To answer Stoner FAQs, the City of Denver has created an official website.

COLORADO:  So now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, you probably want to know how exactly how it works. If you are coming from out of state, how much will you be able to buy? Where will you be able to buy it? Where are you allowed to smoke your legal Colorado cannabis? Can Read the full article…

Tickets For Public Pot Use In Boulder Quadruple Since Amendment 64

Public pot smokers at 4/20 rally on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder.

COLORADO:  In the year since Amendment 64 legalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana in Colorado, Boulder police have issued nearly four times as many tickets for smoking pot in public — which is still illegal. Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner said that while his officers have stopped ticketing people for mere possession of Read the full article…

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area Visitors Exhibit Confusion About Colorado’s Marijuana Laws

“From our standpoint, nothing has changed from last year to this year and we're definitely going to make sure people follow federal law,” Strebig said. “It is possible people will be cited for marijuana use and possession on federal lands.”

COLORADO: The ski season is just two weeks old and already there appears to be some confusion about Colorado’s new laws governing personal marijuana use and possession. According to a recent CBS Denver report, several visitors to Arapahoe Basin Ski Area have had their ski passes revoked due to public use of marijuana. A-Basin officials declined Read the full article…

Editorial: Congress Lags Public On Marijuana Legalization

A marijuana plant grows at the River Rock marijuana growing facility in Denver.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  A Gallup poll released this week showing that 58 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana should send a clear message to Congress. It is time to talk seriously about decriminalizing marijuana on a federal level and leaving the regulation of pot to the states. The federal government already is leaning this way Read the full article…

Marijuana Legalization Could Suffer A Setback In Weed-Friendly Colorado

Homeowners in a Vancouver Island community are raising a stink about a medical marijuana grow operation they say is driving down their property values.

COLORADO:  The ACLU has come out against proposed regulations in Denver, Colorado that would criminalize use of the legal drug by making the “smell” of marijuana illegal. These unconstitutional rules create an environment where people are can possess the drug, but still may face legal consequences.