Alaska Voters Could Legalize Pot This Summer

Health Canada says licensed medicinal marijuana producers can now produce and sell cannabis oil and fresh marijuana buds and leaves as well as the dried form.

ALASKA:  Enough petition signatures have been verified to place an initiative seeking to legalize marijuana on the ballot this summer in Alaska, election officials said Tuesday. The petition has met all the thresholds necessary to appear on the Aug. 19 primary ballot, the Alaska Division of Elections said. The lieutenant governor’s office said it had Read the full article…

Alaska Group Takes Next Step To Legalize Marijuana

"It's clear that Alaskans are eager to have an opportunity to express their displeasure with the current system and make a change," said one of sponsors.

ALASKA:  A citizens’ group hoping to make Alaska the third state in the nation to legalize recreational use of marijuana took a step closer Wednesday, submitting more than 46,000 signatures to the state election office. If enough signatures are verified — they need about 30,000 qualified signatures — the question of whether to make pot Read the full article…

Alaska Pot Petition Soars Past Signature Goal

As medical marijuana shops have opened, the industry has experienced a boom, hiring everyone from growers to retail workers.

ALASKA:  Petitioners looking to let voters decide if pot should be legal in Alaska now have more than 44,000 signatures—about 15,000 more than necessary—nearly a month before the their Jan. 21 deadline. A representative with the “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana” (CRM) said Wednesday petitioners have collected 44,845 signatures. State law requires 31,169 names for a Read the full article…

Alaskans May Get Chance To 'Just Say Yes' On Marijuana Ballot Measure

88 percent of all medical marijuana patients currently pay full price, and those individuals would see their two-year fee drop from $100 to $60

ALASKA: For more than 30 years, Alaska’s libertarian streak made it the only state in which it was legal, under some circumstances, to smoke marijuana just for the fun of it.

Petitioners Hope to Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use in Alaska

Marijuana Ballot Petition

ALASKA: Supporters of an initiative that would create a legal market for marijuana in the state are at the beginning of a long campaign to get more than 30,000 signatures and allow Alaskan voters to decide next year on marijuana legalization. Petitioners began collecting signatures across Alaska about a week ago for a law regulating the Read the full article…

Want to Exercise Your Rights on the Fourth? There’s a Petition For That

It's down to the final days for those looking to repeal a new law that overhauls the state's oil tax system. In just ten days, signatures are due for the petition to repeal SB-21, but there's an opposition group fighting to keep the law on the books.

ALASKA:  Also asking for signatures are members of the “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana,” a group looking to legalize recreational marijuana use in the state while implementing a system to tax and regulate marijuana sales similar to alcohol. Those behind the push to legalize pot received their petition booklets last week from the Division of Elections, Read the full article…