Raymond Cannabis Company Expands With Help From Canadian Medical Marijuana Giant

WASHINGTON:  A few months ago, there wasn’t much to Good to Grow — just a few medical marijuana plants, tended by business owner Richard Montoure in a warehouse rented from the Port of Willapa Harbor in Raymond.

Since then, business has blossomed. Montoure opened a collective garden storefront in May, and now brings in enough money to pay two employees. But he knew he’d made it when Affinor Growers Inc., a Montreal-based company specializing in medical marijuana, offered him $620,000 for 49 percent of Good to Grow.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Montoure said. “It’s a great deal for me, and it’s their foot in the door for the U.S. market.”

Affinor signed the letter of intent to purchase part of the company May 27, and once the deal is finalized Montoure will receive the money over the course of six months.