Higher Education? OSU To Offer Marijuana Policy Course

OREGON:  Students at Oregon State University will have a chance to help shape policies related to marijuana legalization in Oregon as part of a new public policy course taught this winter on the OSU campus in Corvallis.

Marijuana Policy in the 21st Century” is a new sociology course developed by Seth Crawford, an instructor in the School of Public Policy in OSU’s College of Liberal Arts. The course will examine some of the policy issues facing the state following the legalization of recreational marijuana by Oregon voters in November.

“We will be working with policymakers and stakeholders to help answer some of the biggest questions facing the state following the passage of Measure 91,” said Crawford, who is an expert on the policies and market structure of marijuana in Oregon.

Crawford also serves on the state’s Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana, which advises the director of the Oregon Department of Human Services on administrative aspects of the state’s medical marijuana program. He has provided expert testimony on marijuana-related policies in Oregon.


142 Oregon Cities And 26 Counties Pass Cannabis Bans

OREGON: Cities and counties across Oregon spent the past two months rushing to adopt temporary bans on medical marijuana dispensaries, after a new state law created a brief window for officials to pass the moratoriums.

By the May 1 deadline, the map of cities and counties with moratoriums on the retail outlets looked like a patchwork quilt spread across the state: 142 of 242 cities and 26 of 36 counties had reported bans to the Oregon Health Authority by Friday, and the agency expects to continue receiving notices of more bans.

The moratoriums are supposed to provide time for communities to come up with their own regulations for the location, business hours and type of marijuana products sold, so even after the prohibitions expire, the state probably will wind up with a hodgepodge of local laws.

Mike McCauley, executive director of the League of Oregon Cities, said Friday that municipalities across the state will be watching how the newly licensed dispensaries operate in cities and counties without moratoriums, such as Bend.

Nurse Practitioners Added To List Of Those Who Can Prescribe Medical Marijuana

MAINE:  The state’s medical marijuana law, first approved by Maine voters in 1999, has been amended, and the biggest change replaces the word physician with the words “medical provider.”

The amendment , which was signed into law by Gov. Paul LePage last week and goes into effect in August, will allow nurse practitioners to prescribe the medication, members of Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine announced Saturday.

The group offered a free medical marijuana information session downtown at the Big Easy Lounge inside the Charles Inn on Broad Street, organized by downtown gallery owner and patient Roxanne Munksgaard, a member of the group’s patient advocacy committee. The caregivers group also is hosting their third annual Home Grown Maine Medical Marijuana Trade Show next Saturday, April 19, at the Spectacular Event Center.


Medical Marijuana Changes On Tap Today

GEORGIA:  Gov. Nathan Deal’s staff has quietly worked on a plan to allow the limited use of medical marijuana since lawmakers scuttled a legislative push to do so last month. He is ready to unveil that proposal later today.

Deal will hold a press conference this afternoon to outline his plan that could allow some families to use a form of cannabis oil to treat debilitating seizures. He also will discuss a separate idea to create a pilot program to start privatizing the foster care system.

Both are part of a larger strategy of taking executive action where lawmakers failed. It’s led to criticism from political rivals and questions from legal experts about whether the governor is overstepping his authority. But Deal’s camp sees advantages to taking this route.

Filipino Lawmakers Endorse Medical Marijuana

PHILIPPINES:  The House minority bloc is pushing for the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Minority leader Ronaldo Zamora said they would join minority colleague Rep. Rodolfo Albano III of Isabela in advocating and promoting medical marijuana.

“We are in agreement that marijuana for medicinal, strictly medicinal, purposes should be examined and legitimized. For recreational purposes, that’s an entirely different issue,” he said. [Read more…]

Iowa Lawmaker Still Seeking Medical Marijuana Law

IOWA: Legalizing medical marijuana will again be debated in the upcoming legislative session, though Iowa lawmakers have so far been loath to embrace a policy that is finding acceptance elsewhere.

Democratic Sen. Joe Bolkcom, of Iowa City, says he will pursue legislation seeking to legalize medical marijuana in 2014. Bolkcom acknowledges similar efforts have failed over the past decade, even as some nearby states have embraced medical marijuana. He calls Iowa a “cautious state.”

Bolkcom says he will offer bills reclassifying marijuana as a drug with medical benefits and creating a medical marijuana program modeled on New Mexico’s system.

Oregon mulls candidates for committee that will draft rules for medical marijuana shops

OREGON: A committee that makes recommendations to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program has suggested adding two prosecutors and an Oregon State Police official to the committee that will draft rules for the new registry for medical marijuana retailers. [Read more…]