Hempfest 2014: Seattle’s Marijuana Megafest Introducing Adult ‘Pot Gardens’

WASHINGTON:  The legal-weed revolution, televised and otherwise, has a long way to go before Seattle’s mega-marijuana-reform party known as Hempfest is obsolete, says longtime organizer Vivian McPeak.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t evolve.

“What’s really the newest thing is that we’re going to have two fenced-off, out-of-public-view, 21-and-over adult lounges to both introduce the concept of being I-502 compliant and more importantly give adults a place where they can imbibe out of the view of children and young teenagers,” McPeak said.

And, the ‘pot garden’ is in a city park …

“This will be, as far as I know,” McPeak said, “the only opportunity to legally smoke marijuana in a city park, free from the threat of city citation anywhere in America, maybe the world and that’s why it seems historic to us.”