Conductor: Pot-Sponsored Concert At Red Rocks Will Be ‘Very Imaginative

COLORADO: The Colorado Symphony’s “Classically Cannabis” concerts made international headlines earlier this year when the orchestra partnered with marijuana-related sponsors. The invitation-only events featured small-ensemble performances where audiences could consume marijuana on a private patio.

This Saturday, the full orchestra heads to Red Rocks Amphitheatre for another performance sponsored by marijuana-related companies. This time the audience will be thousands, rather than hundreds, of fans.

June Was Best Month Yet For Colorado Marijuana Sales

COLORADO: New marijuana tax records from Colorado show June was the best-selling month yet for the state’s recreational pot experiment, with $24.7 million in total sales.

The numbers released by the Department of Revenue also show recreational pot inching toward medical pot in total sales.

In January, Colorado’s statewide sales tax on medical pot produced nearly twice the taxes produced by recreational pot. By June, the statewide 2.9 percent sales tax from medical pot brought in less than 20 percent more than the same tax on recreational weed.

Since January, Colorado has reaped $29.8 million in taxes from marijuana. That figure includes taxes, licenses and fees from both medical and recreational pot.

Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenues Total $3.2 Million In February

COLORADO: Tax revenues from Colorado’s sales of medical and recreational marijuana in February increased from the previous month, according to figures released Wednesday by the state.

Colorado collected $3.2 million in February, below the state’s projection of $3.7 million but slightly above above the $2.9 million it gathered in January.

In February, Colorado collected $1.43 million from a special 10 percent sales tax on recreational marijuana, plus another $438,253 from the state’s standard 2.9 percent sales tax.

Reefer Sadness: You can smoke it, but you can't buy it

WASHINGTON: Colorado and Washington state have both legalized the use and possession of small amounts of marijuana — but while a majority of voters supported the change at the polls last year, there is currently no outright legal way to buy non-medical marijuana.

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