How Prohibition Is Making Legal Marijuana More Dangerous

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Prohibition claims to exist to make society safer. “A Drug Free America”, the ideology of hypocrites kissing their martinis while sneering at those who intoxicate differently. A system that creates immeasurable wealth and power to a select few at the expense of the many.

Since the declaration of the War on Drugs in 1971, drugs have become more prevalent than ever and much cheaper in the process. Transnational Criminal Organizations launder billions of dollars through ‘too big to fail’ banks while government agencies stockpile weapons, seize properties and of course, flash bang babies while they are sleeping.

The only viable solution to the drug epidemic or rather ‘the Drug War Epidemic’ we must take the source of money out of the hands of criminals. In terms of cannabis, this means legalization and regulation. Bringing the billions of dollars out of the hands of sociopaths and into the service of the public creates a much more manageable system than the current one.