No Marijuana Candy At Oregon Dispensaries?

OREGON:  The Oregon Health Authority has passed a draft rule that would ban the sale of any cannabis edibles “manufactured in a form that resembles cake-like products, cookies, candy, or gum, or that otherwise may be attractive to minors because of its shape, color, or taste.”

That’s right, no pot brownies at Oregon dispensaries!

If you think that’s a ridiculous rule, you need to make your voice heard! Email for public comment, like I did with the letter below. Feel free to crib anything you like from my letter!

Cannabis And Yoga As Complementary Medicines

Two practices which are rapidly gaining traction for their medical benefits; cannabis use and yoga, have stirred up controversy recently for what some believe are their synergistic effects as complementary medicine. Called Ganja Yoga, 420 Remedy Yoga, or Cannabis-enhanced, a growing number of yoga instructors are more than accepting of medical marijuana patients; they are encouraging their students to partake in cannabis before and sometimes during class. [Read more…]