How Many Legal Marijuana States Are There, Really? Radical Russ Shows Us

We like to keep count in the cannabis community.  We like to gather in groups and exchange the latest market statistics, popular opinion poll or ballot results.  One of the most basic statistics is legality, so you’d think we had a handle on that one.  Just how many “legal marijuana states” are there? As Bill Clinton would tell you, that’s a bit hard to say and depends on how you define “legal” and “marijuana” and, for that matter “state.”

Popular activist and cannabis media personality “Radical” Russ Belville published a great infographic that illustrates just how fragmented our cannabis laws are. Interestingly enough, Radical Russ doesn’t classify Washington, with its hundreds of pot shops and close to 1,000 legal cannabis producers and processors as fully legal, because home grow is not legal in the Evergreen State.


Radical Russ' Infographic Tells The Tale

Radical Russ’ Infographic Tells The Tale