Customers Flock To Thurston County’s First Legal Marijuana Retail Store

WASHINGTON:  Thurston County’s first legal marijuana retailer opened for business at noon Friday, ready to make history.

At least 100 customers had lined up outside 420 Carpenter, located in an office complex at 422 Carpenter Road SE in the Lacey area.

“This should have been happening a long time ago,” owner Chad Champagne told the diverse crowd before sales began.

With a 5-gram limit, customers could choose from a handful of cannabis strains that were pre-packaged behind a glass display case. Outside the store, a DJ played songs by stoner icons like Bob Marley and Sublime, while Jimmy John’s offered free sandwiches and other munchies.

Lacey resident Mark Sampsell was the store’s first customer. Sampsell said he didn’t mind the inflated price of about $25 per gram, and said he appreciated the strict labeling requirements for each purchase.