Florida Amendment 2, Legalizing Medical Marijuana Projected To Fail

FLORIDA:  The constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is proving to be less popular than projected by supporters who claimed that amendment would find broad support, crossing political, racial and age lines. TV ads and sheriffs speaking out against the amendment may be the major contributor to the amendment falling short.

TBT has the amendment evenly split with “only 48 percent of likely voters said they would vote for Amendment 2. Forty-four percent oppose it and 7 percent said they had not made up their minds.” The requirement for passage is sixty percent, which seems like an impossible hurdle.

“My guess today is this is not going to pass,” said David Colburn, director of the Bob Graham Center for Public Service. “It may not mean that Floridians don’t support the use of medical marijuana,” he said, but apparently many voters dislike the amendment’s wording and embedding it into the state Constitution.

Ricardo Baca at The Cannibist does have much hope. “The results of a random phone survey of 861 likely voters in Florida show that Amendment 2 doesn’t stand the best chances of passing with the needed 60 percent approval,” he says in the Oct. 28 coverage (citing a  new poll from Gravis Marketing.)