Shortages Lead To Erratic Business Hours At Vancouver WA Pot Shops

WASHINGTON: A week into Washington’s experiment with recreational marijuana, two Vancouver retailers say business has been so brisk that they’ve experienced intermittent closures.

Demand for recreational marijuana has far outpaced supply, said New Vansterdam owner Brian Budz, whose shop is closed until Friday. The business opened Friday and had enough inventory to get through the weekend, but closed Sunday with only a couple grams on the shelves.

“We anticipated being in good shape for seven to 10 days,” he said.” It didn’t last us three days. It was unbelievable how many people came through our store Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

Main Street Marijuana, also in Vancouver, opened last Wednesday but ran out of marijuana by the end of business Friday. More pot arrived late Monday so the shop opened Tuesday, said Ramsey Hamide, a shop manager. The shop’s prices, which last week shot up to $30 a gram, now range from $15 to $20 a gram.