American Cannabis Company Secures 500,000 Unit Order for Its Recently Launched Product, The Satchel

COLORADO:  Brazil Interactive Media, Inc. d/b/a American Cannabis Company Inc. (BIMI) (the “Company” or “ACC”), today announced a significant order of its recently-launched product, The Satchel(tm), which will be for use by dispensaries as an industry-approved exit package of cannabis-based products.

ACC’s The Satchel(tm) is a child-resistant bag for dispensaries to assemble orders and ensure the proper handling of cannabis. The Satchel(tm) has also been awarded an approval from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and meets Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division’s (MED) handling regulations for cannabis-based products. The Satchel(tm) is sold through the Company’s diversified, multi-product distribution division, The Trade Winds. As reported in press on June 12, 2014, the Company believes demand for The Satchel(tm) could be approximately 80,000 units per month.

“After first identifying the niche in this market and the year of development and test marketing of The Satchel(tm) that followed, we are not surprised at the demand for it,” began ACC’s CEO, Corey Hollister. “Cannabis, just like any regulated prescription medicine, must adhere to handling and transport standards. These safety and handling standards are equally important to the patient/individual as the dispensary itself. Though previous versions of exit packages were tested, we believe our product now provides dispensaries a cost-effective, compliant and approved option to this large market which is currently being serviced by only a handful of manufactures of compliant exit-bags. Our recent order is a clear demonstration of this fast growing market in which we are a first mover.”