Will HB 4271 require mandatory testing of marijuana at dispensaries? Yes, says Callton

MICHIGAN: HB 4271 is officially called The Provisioning Centers Act of 2013. Sponsored by Rep. Michael Callton, R- Nashville, it creates the ability for local governments to license and zone in medical marijuana dispensaries- and be protected from state or county-level intrusion.

What those provisioning centers would look like, and how they would operate, is being defined by the House of Representatives when they return from summer break. A news story reported that Callton was ready to give in to demands from fellow Republicans, including House Judiciary Committee Chair Kevin Cotter, to make changes in the bill to secure a vote in the committee.

“Callton says that Republicans in the House want some changes made to the bill before it moves out of committee. That will likely include mandatory testing of medical pot for things like pesticides and mold,” theMichigan Radio article said.

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