Want to Exercise Your Rights on the Fourth? There’s a Petition For That

ALASKA:  Also asking for signatures are members of the “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana,” a group looking to legalize recreational marijuana use in the state while implementing a system to tax and regulate marijuana sales similar to alcohol.

Those behind the push to legalize pot received their petition booklets last week from the Division of Elections, and by Wednesday said they already had hundreds of signatures.

Those pushing for marijuana regulation said Wednesday that—whether or not you use marijuana—having a legal, regulated cannabis market is a good move for Alaska.

“The benefits of regulation are that the quality can be controlled, the circumstances under which it can be used and bought and manufactured are controlled by the state, and very importantly, the taxes will be paid by purchasers to help fund state government,” said Tim Hinterberger, an organizer for CRM.

“This initiative is really about aligning Alaska’s marijuana laws with what is going nationally,” he added, saying “state wide, in terms of attitude, we’ve really reached a tipping point in people’s perceptions and understanding of marijuana.”
The group is proposing that marijuana be taxed fifty dollars per ounce, a weight roughly equal to a pack of cigarettes.

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